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Are you an entrepreneur or an employee?

October 3, 2013 1 comment


Are you an employee or an entrepreneur? This is a question with not so simple answer as you may be thinking. If you are saying that an entrepreneur is the one who works for himself while employee works for others then that is not sufficient as I am not talking about ones occupation but something more important – The MINDSET.

Now think again and then say, are you an employee or an entrepreneur? Are you working on a job but thinking to start something of your own all the time? You are an employee, if you are just excited about the idea but you are an entrepreneur, if you are also building a pipeline.

Do you like to take orders? An employee says, “No, but then I don’t have a choice” but an entrepreneur will just say “I don’t take orders”.

What motivates you? Your dreams or the money you earn? An employee is a dreamer but only a dreamer and entrepreneur is a dreamer with a plan.

Dive deep inside you and you will know where you fit. You may be in a wrong place if you are working for a company with an entrepreneurial mindset. Moreover, if you are running your family business with an employee mindset, you are again doing a mistake.

Is money on your mind all the time? Well, an entrepreneur doesn’t work for money! I know that your response may be – What?? Then why does he start a business?

Let me explain this through analysis of a situation:

An entrepreneur starts a business; a month goes without any profits. What does he do? He works for another month, still no results, another month and another month, he still keeps working. What if one faces the same situation as an employee? What will the employee do? The answer is simple and everyone knows –Employee will QUIT.

The reality is that an entrepreneur works for dreams, for passion and for FREEDOM. He or she may be willing to give away money but not freedom. If he or she has to choose between a job, that is giving 10 lakhs and a business worth only a lakh, he or she would choose later. If you are an employee, you will think – That sounds foolish. No one does that! But to an entrepreneur this will trigger a memory of such time in his or her life.

Money motivates almost everyone and we can’t deny this fact but when an employee says “I want to earn a million in an year” , the entrepreneur says “ I will earn a million by next year. I have a plan and resources. However, there are more resources that I need that I will generate in another 6 months” As I said earlier “Employee is a dreamer but Entrepreneur is a dreamer with a plan”.

What difference can you see in the two answers?

Employee Entrepreneur
Dreams without any intention of achievement Dreams with a plan for every penny he or she may earn
Knows what he or she wants but has no idea about HOW Has a written plan for HOW
Focused on money Focused on actions
No worries if not achieved Going to strive hard till he or she achieves this dream

An entrepreneur doesn’t take orders like any employee but discusses and accepts any suggestion that is useful. If a client says “your work was pathetic” ,an employee may say “That’s how company works. What can I do? Not my fault”. However, the entrepreneur will take that as a feedback, work to solve the problem and approach the customer again with the improvement.

If a boss asks an employee to do something, the employee will do as he or she is instructed. However, if an entrepreneur is asked to do something, he or she will think, analyze, put up suggestions, discuss and then plan the proceedings.

An entrepreneur is a self motivated person, charged with his passion but employee depends on external factors for inspiration. These factors can be positive like salary, promotion, appreciation, recognition, incentives, brand association, employee benefits or negative like targets, reviews, competition, pressures, and security.

However, we may find some people with a mix of two – they are capable of taking decisions but they don’t mind working on others and they are self-motivated but would like a monthly income. Many characteristics of employees as well as entrepreneurs would be found in them.

These are the people we find on top working as Industry or company leaders. By saying this, I am not selling you entrepreneurship. All I want to say is that one must analyze oneself to find which role do they fit in – entrepreneur or employee and to do this run a self check:



If a product is faulty, I still sell making fake promises If a product is faulty, I improve on it and then sell
Selling is more important After sales is more important
Getting customers is most important Retaining customers is most important


Money, recognition, appreciation, benefits Dreams, passion, vision, mission, ideas
Targets, reviews, stress, competition Sales decline, customer complaint

Relationship with customers

Temporary till you are working with them Stays for life

Target achievement

Your juniors responsibility Your responsibility
If not achieved, it is companies loss If not achieved, my loss


Risk averse Risk taker


Not more than what you need in job No learning is waste
Learn from mistakes Learn from other’s mistakes


Is a hobby Is life
Good to do Can’t live without


Workers Assets
Good to talk to Can learn from them

Leisure time

Search for new ideas Forget about business
Get inspired Chill and enjoy

Before ending this writing process, I would like to mention one more thing. An entrepreneur stuck between employees is highly likely to get irritated while an employee struck between entrepreneurs is highly likely to get bored.

Neither of the options is wrong but needs different skills and point of views. So choose for yourself, one way depending on your MIINDSET!



The Author of this blog is Pooja Dubey Srivastava. To know more about her work, please visit her business website