Are you an entrepreneur or an employee?

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Pooja DSr


Are you an employee or an entrepreneur? This is a question with not so simple answer as you may be thinking. If you are saying that an entrepreneur is the one who works for himself while employee works for others then that is not sufficient as I am not talking about ones occupation but something more important – The MINDSET.

Now think again and then say, are you an employee or an entrepreneur? Are you working on a job but thinking to start something of your own all the time? You are an employee, if you are just excited about the idea but you are an entrepreneur, if you are also building a pipeline.

Do you like to take orders? An employee says, “No, but then I don’t have a choice” but an entrepreneur will just say “I don’t take orders”.

What motivates you? Your dreams or the money you…

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Why I don’t want to work in a Bank!

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I am a writer and I have been writing for quite a long time now. As every other person on earth, I too have a desire to grow big. So, I keep searching for opportunities every where. In this process of finding options, I came across an opportunity to work for one overseas client but it required me to register myself into PAYPAL as that was the medium for payment.

So I went to Paypal website and found a very easy process:

Step 1: register through Email ID

Step 2: Provide bank details and PAN card number

 They would verify the account and DONE!

I was feeling lucky but I missed that word “BANK” while I was dreaming about working for a US based client very soon.
Injured Piggy Bank WIth Crutches

When I checked my status, the Paypal account said that they have transferred 2 small amounts into my account that I need to enter for verification but unfortunately I could not find any such credits. So I dig deeper.

What I found?

The name in my Bank account was different from the name in my Pan Card (after marriage, it got changed) and I was required to change my Bank name to the name that appeared in PAN so that the Paypal verification could be completed.

Now starts the real story:

I called the customer care of the Bank to find out the process details and they told me that I needed to submit my PAN card and Marriage certificate as proofs. Wow! easy again.

However, when they checked my account, it was found that it was linked with my Demat account ( I had linked it for my convenience)

So bank asked me to first de-link my Demat account from Bank Account after which only they could proceed with the name change.

Reason? Well, Its very simple :  Trading accounts are regulated by SEBI while Bank Accounts are regulated by RBI so whenever there is any alteration required than we need to take care of both regulatory bodies, hence the process.

So, my next destination was Demat service providers Office as it could not be done online. So I went to the nearest office where I found some more information to delay my work:

1. The de-linking process itself would take 4 working days (God forbid if weekend comes in between)

2. The de-link forms were exhausted

 so, the manager asked me to call back to check whenever those forms arrive.

I waited for 4 days, yet the forms were not available and then after 2 more working days in addition to the weekend that fell in between, I got a call that the forms were available. The manager asked me if he can come to my place for my convenience and I agreed.

Form filled, and given to him and then was my turn to resolve some more pending issues in my Demat account:

1. The password of the Internet Trading Account slipped away from my mind

2. I was not very comfortable working with buying and selling options

So, he guided me in generating new password and showed me options to buy and sell. There was again a catch here:  

It was 4 p.m so trading time was over so can neither sell nor buy

While we discussed more about the de-linking and re-linking process, I found another very useful and tiring information:

After I change my name, I cannot re-link the account but I have to close and open a new Demat account.


He explained “ Your Bank account name will be changed but the Demat account name will remain same so it could not be linked. If it is not linked to any Bank account then no trading can be done so there is not use of the account. That is why, you need to close the account and then open another if you want to trade. Then link that new account to the bank account again. Alternatively, you can keep the existing account and not de-link but open another bank account in the name you want to have” 

Now my schedule changed again:

 Step 1: I was required to sell off my shares

Step 2: I needed to submit request for closure

That’s it! as I was no more interested in opening another account

However, as I have already mentioned, the trading time was closed so my next step was to wait for next day and then sell my shares, after which I could continue with the closure process.

‘Ah! finally I will be able to do it tomorrow’ I thought. But wait! the guy enlightened me with some more information:

Minimum share cost should be 500 on one company shares in order to sell (and 4 out of 5 of my shares went into losses below 500). So the guy suggested me to first purchase some more shares to balance out the amount and then sell next day using BTST option

He explained “ BTST is Buy Today Sell Tomorrow. In normal process, after purchasing a share, it takes 2 working days before you can sell them but to save traders from risks, this option allows one to purchase on a day and sell next day without waiting for this process

So, the next step was: Use BTST next day so that I can sell shares the day after that and then go to the bank to close Demat account

A little faster option was to try selling low cost shares by paying higher brokerage (He wasn’t very sure if it could be done) and then I would go to the bank for closure.

Next would the application for change of name which would take another few days for processing and finally I would be able to activate my Paypal account.

Good old Days ! I remember the time I used to fight with my Mom when she used to ask me to give exams for Bank jobs and I used to say: “Mom, please, I can’t work in a Bank”

Today, I say it again “I can’t work in a Bank!” If it is so complicated for a customer to get a simple thing done then wonder if I was a Banker (My hair would have changed color by now! ).

Are you an entrepreneur or an employee?

October 3, 2013 1 comment


Are you an employee or an entrepreneur? This is a question with not so simple answer as you may be thinking. If you are saying that an entrepreneur is the one who works for himself while employee works for others then that is not sufficient as I am not talking about ones occupation but something more important – The MINDSET.

Now think again and then say, are you an employee or an entrepreneur? Are you working on a job but thinking to start something of your own all the time? You are an employee, if you are just excited about the idea but you are an entrepreneur, if you are also building a pipeline.

Do you like to take orders? An employee says, “No, but then I don’t have a choice” but an entrepreneur will just say “I don’t take orders”.

What motivates you? Your dreams or the money you earn? An employee is a dreamer but only a dreamer and entrepreneur is a dreamer with a plan.

Dive deep inside you and you will know where you fit. You may be in a wrong place if you are working for a company with an entrepreneurial mindset. Moreover, if you are running your family business with an employee mindset, you are again doing a mistake.

Is money on your mind all the time? Well, an entrepreneur doesn’t work for money! I know that your response may be – What?? Then why does he start a business?

Let me explain this through analysis of a situation:

An entrepreneur starts a business; a month goes without any profits. What does he do? He works for another month, still no results, another month and another month, he still keeps working. What if one faces the same situation as an employee? What will the employee do? The answer is simple and everyone knows –Employee will QUIT.

The reality is that an entrepreneur works for dreams, for passion and for FREEDOM. He or she may be willing to give away money but not freedom. If he or she has to choose between a job, that is giving 10 lakhs and a business worth only a lakh, he or she would choose later. If you are an employee, you will think – That sounds foolish. No one does that! But to an entrepreneur this will trigger a memory of such time in his or her life.

Money motivates almost everyone and we can’t deny this fact but when an employee says “I want to earn a million in an year” , the entrepreneur says “ I will earn a million by next year. I have a plan and resources. However, there are more resources that I need that I will generate in another 6 months” As I said earlier “Employee is a dreamer but Entrepreneur is a dreamer with a plan”.

What difference can you see in the two answers?

Employee Entrepreneur
Dreams without any intention of achievement Dreams with a plan for every penny he or she may earn
Knows what he or she wants but has no idea about HOW Has a written plan for HOW
Focused on money Focused on actions
No worries if not achieved Going to strive hard till he or she achieves this dream

An entrepreneur doesn’t take orders like any employee but discusses and accepts any suggestion that is useful. If a client says “your work was pathetic” ,an employee may say “That’s how company works. What can I do? Not my fault”. However, the entrepreneur will take that as a feedback, work to solve the problem and approach the customer again with the improvement.

If a boss asks an employee to do something, the employee will do as he or she is instructed. However, if an entrepreneur is asked to do something, he or she will think, analyze, put up suggestions, discuss and then plan the proceedings.

An entrepreneur is a self motivated person, charged with his passion but employee depends on external factors for inspiration. These factors can be positive like salary, promotion, appreciation, recognition, incentives, brand association, employee benefits or negative like targets, reviews, competition, pressures, and security.

However, we may find some people with a mix of two – they are capable of taking decisions but they don’t mind working on others and they are self-motivated but would like a monthly income. Many characteristics of employees as well as entrepreneurs would be found in them.

These are the people we find on top working as Industry or company leaders. By saying this, I am not selling you entrepreneurship. All I want to say is that one must analyze oneself to find which role do they fit in – entrepreneur or employee and to do this run a self check:



If a product is faulty, I still sell making fake promises If a product is faulty, I improve on it and then sell
Selling is more important After sales is more important
Getting customers is most important Retaining customers is most important


Money, recognition, appreciation, benefits Dreams, passion, vision, mission, ideas
Targets, reviews, stress, competition Sales decline, customer complaint

Relationship with customers

Temporary till you are working with them Stays for life

Target achievement

Your juniors responsibility Your responsibility
If not achieved, it is companies loss If not achieved, my loss


Risk averse Risk taker


Not more than what you need in job No learning is waste
Learn from mistakes Learn from other’s mistakes


Is a hobby Is life
Good to do Can’t live without


Workers Assets
Good to talk to Can learn from them

Leisure time

Search for new ideas Forget about business
Get inspired Chill and enjoy

Before ending this writing process, I would like to mention one more thing. An entrepreneur stuck between employees is highly likely to get irritated while an employee struck between entrepreneurs is highly likely to get bored.

Neither of the options is wrong but needs different skills and point of views. So choose for yourself, one way depending on your MIINDSET!



The Author of this blog is Pooja Dubey Srivastava. To know more about her work, please visit her business website

Baby and the kicks

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Sitting comfortably,with a pillow supporting my back, I was looking at the train of small white dots printed on my tunic, tightly fitting my protruded belly, and listening to the most soothing music, intended for children, I was waiting to feel the kicks that made me happy every time I felt them inside me. A small life inside my belly reminds me of the beauty of life itself. There is someone inside, someone who listens to every word I say, someone affected by every emotion I display, someone who makes me feel that I am complete and that love can be so pure, unconditional and beautiful.

I don’t even know whether it’s a boy or a girl but I would call him as some part of me tells me that it’s a boy. I may be wrong but when I saw the tiny body jumping on the screen while in Sonography, I had a feeling of assurance that my intuition was right.

The experience itself was so delighting that I can never forget it in my life, those moments when I saw his face first time on screen. I had laughed heartily when the doctor had said that my baby was very haughty and did not like him. He was doing everything like, moving his legs, waving his hands, but when we wanted to see his face, he would put his hands over it as if trying to hide himself from the doctor.

While doing sonography, when doctor had asked me to ask my baby to move, I was confused; how do I say it? Will he understand? Will he respond? How to make him understand what I want him to do? But today I know, how to wake him up, how to make him turn, how to make him kick. I wished if I knew that earlier, maybe I could have seen him kicking, jumping and dancing in front of my eyes.

I closed my eyes, resting on the pillow. As the music filled my ears and reached my baby, kicks started, little at some songs, aggressive at others while at some music, he just swam inside me smoothly, making me feel every inch of him. It felt like, for him, my body gad become an arena of live concert while he was trying to dance on the rhythm of the beats played.

A tear came to my eye when I imagined my little boy dancing happily and I longed to see him. I wondered when just the kicks from inside me can bring a happy tear to my eyes, how would I react when he would actually be in my arms!

Whenever he fell silent, I would sing Twinkle Twinkle because I knew he wouldn’t miss it even if I start to whisper and will start kicking immediately as if he could recognize his favorite song.

He had been so active since morning that I couldn’t make out a reason or understand his emotions; maybe he was happy for I sang to him or maybe he was also craving to meet me as I was. At times, I felt amazed at the un-ending energy of the little baby, he was active whole day, not tired, not bored, not worried, enjoying every moment I hope!

I went to the doctor in the evening and she asked me if I could feel the kicks, while he was actually kicking at that time. I smiled and said, “Yes, a lot”.  When doctor touched him, he suddenly fell silent for some time like a little child who gets conscious when a stranger asks him to say hello.

There are times when my husband wanted to feel him. He would keep his hand over my belly waiting long for his kicks and when he kick, my husband’s face would lighten up and he would smile and laugh at the same time. The first time ever I felt the kick, I wasn’t expecting but when I felt the blow , I felt I was on seventh heaven and from then on I patiently waited every time for him to responds to me.

A kick makes me happy, makes me crave to hold my baby in my hand, play with him, love him, hide him in my arms, dance with him in the twilight, talk to him , sing to him, tell stories and many more feelings hidden deep inside my heart waiting for him to come and hold his mom.

I imagined many times, how will the baby look, about baby’s likes, dislikes, and I wanted to know every single thing about my little angel. He can feel the music, he responds when I talk to him and when I am talking to someone on phone, especially when the person is talking fast. When I am lazily lying on my bed at night, trying to sleep, he reminds me of his presence by moving and kicking everywhere he can. When I am fast asleep and get up with a sudden sound, he reminds me again that he can hear and feel everything I can hear and feel. At the times when I haven’t eaten for a long time, he kicks again forcing me to have something.

When I walk, I don’t feel much of the kicks so everytime I get a chance alone, I would sit or lie down quietly somewhere and wait for him to make me feel his presence again. I don’t see him like a baby inside my tummy but some one, who is there with me all the time, just that I am yet to see him.

In initial months , I used to get impatient, thinking when would these nine months end and I will see my baby but now with the kicks always attending me, I want these moments to last forever. I want to enjoy them the most, they will never ever come back in my life, not with the same baby. I will never forget these moments when I explored my tiny baby with all my imaginations and love, trying to understand everything about him. I will always remember the times when I was lying on bed with my hands on my belly, feeling him, jumping and laughing with him. It is more delightful feeling than the highest meditation experience on earth.

I now feel that my whole world belongs to him and everything I will ever want will be for him and only him. Every feeling, every fun, every decision will be taken , keeping him in mind. I will love the person who would love my baby and hate the person who would hurt my baby. A new world is created for me now.






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Networking through Social Media : A way towards possibilities

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What is networking? If asked this question, different people may define it  in various ways. Dictionary shows it as a link , a connection. Wikipeida describes business networking as “a socioeconomic activity by which groups of like-minded businesspeople recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities.”. Basic needs of a Human are food , shelter and clothing as we heard from childhood,  but what we really want is, to be a part of the society, to have relationships and to get recognition. In olden days meeting people, conquering hearts was a challenge in itself because of the distances involved but today the world has shrunk itself to remove all the barriers among people. Now we can connect with almost any one from anywhere.

There was a time when relationships depended on the society they lived in and the parental bonds but with the boundaries removed, we connect with people not just on the basis of societal or geographical ties but out of common interests. Websites like Facebook, twiiter, LInkedin, Google +, all may have difference interface but the main theme remains same, that is connecting people. Most of us now who are even a little comfortable with internet, are atleast present on Facebook and those who want to grow in their respective career paths, are present on Linkedin, a brilliant platform for business and career networking.

But how do they use these mediums to build relationships? Are they looking at facebook only for fun? Are they looking at Linkedin only for business? Well, there is much more to it than just being a connection in someone’s profile. People join various communities and groups on these websites, depending on their interests, an efficient way to connect with, people sharing same passion, people looking for those who can guide them and people who are open to helping others learn.

 I myself have used these two websites extensively for networking, both socially and for business purpose but the aim was to build a nework of people I can rely on. There was a time when facebook and LInkedin were  almost new. not many years back but today they are like my extention that I can’t stay without. In just 2 years, I increased my network from withing a hundred to over 2000. It enables us to just send requests to people whose profiles you find attractive enough to have a business or social relationship, a tool which I used to build my connections. But is adding people enough? Can anyone make use of it? Can people have 10K people in the network, not really remembering most of them and expect some good results? Of course the answer is no. The aim is not to have more coonections but to have more effective connections.

But how do we make connections effective? Key is the interaction..not just on the professional level , like you ask an expert a question, expect an answer or send a request for career guidance or help and expect them to help you out, but it has more dimensions to it. Networking today is not about just creating connections but about making friends. And the success lies in building relationships that matter. It counts when you remember them, you like talking to them and they remember you in the same way. There are various tools available where you can get noticed or follow some one. These are simple, known to almost everyone present and easily acccessible too.

They offer you the opportunity to display your talent or your views in front of the world through blogs and then you can share them with others as well read what others think. Now one may think how writing a blog will build a relation? Well, when some one writes a blog, there is no doubt that he or she wants some one to read, otherwise why would he or she create it online?

Miles Frankin once said “Someone to tell it to is one of the fundamental needs of human beings”

Being aware of the facts, if you read the blogs others create, comment on them, relate with them, understand them and start a conversation related to their blogs, there are high chances that they will respond positively and if you are also a blogger they would definitely want to know more about what you write. People with same interests usually end up with a personal bonding.

Another great way is to join communities or groups and be an active member. Who is an active member? A member who participates in the group in the ways that are offered, which could be a discussion, a survey, latest updates, asking questions, creating stories, commenting etc. Again an efficient way to get noticed, if what you write is liked by some one, or one can relate with it. You can ask people for guidance and most likely, they would be open to interacting and suggesting ways to help you in any way. This creates a bond among a group of people rather than as an individual with other individual and this way you can build effective groups that can grow together professionally or mingle together personally

A direct connection is no doubt the most easy way, yet a difficult way to connect as people whom you personally do not know but want to connect, are little likely to accept one as a contact unless your profile interests them. But once connected, one must not sit idle but start  conversation even if it doesn’t begin with the other person. As long as you want to take it forward, you can take it forward. One can understand the professional as well as personal background of a connection and then become a friend in the long run, once the chord strikes. But how many interactions are required to build a relationship? The answer is not in numbers but in the information. Ask yourself, how much you know about the person? Family ? Professional goals? Personal goals? Personality? Interest? The more you know, the better it is.

Aren’t these ways simple?  But how many of us really make use of the brilliant features that these websites offer to interact with people in various ways?

We may complain that it is time consuming but then even when you go out to your neighbor and talk, you give time. Would you talk only for half an hour every time and leave? Of course not, you most probably will have a lunch or dinner together, a movie or a picnic together. You take time to make friends, and the same is applicable to social and business networking as well. You need to create a bond, online interaction is just the first step. Effective but you can not deny the need to meet in person, which is the most essential step of any relationship. People whom you haven’t met, you are a little diffident and unsure about the trust factor and that is the reason why most online networks and connections collapse. They forget each other in no time and then all the efforts they have put, go down the drain.

Every time you see or meet a person through any medium, it brings an opportunity to learn and create great relationships, provided, you explore it enough to find if that gives you a direction or takes away your dreams. You meet several kinds of people, whether it is in person or through various other mediums and in both ways you can be cheated or mis-guided yet your fear of the medium which cannot be felt physically is more than the one which has more capacity to exploit you being closer and more accessible to them.

The only fear in building relationships online is inability to trust which creates a doubt and stops us from believing the person we are interacting with, forgetting the fact that risk is on both sides, we start to judge , make notions without really exploring the possibilities that can be opened up for us.

The key to building effective social or business relationship is to give chance to others to speak, to ask questions and to believe them and make them believe you as well. Keeping an open mind can bring you a new world of exciting opportunities, trustworthy friends and a great move towards your real goals. Meeting more people is about creating more options for yourself, about opening more doors and learning more to create a wisdom.

Explore the social media, not as a tool to update your friends about your life but also to keep yourself updated about whats going around you.

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being apolitical, is the right way forward for India

September 16, 2011 1 comment

Just a few minutes’ walk from busy churchgate station, I reached a place called Jai Hind College. I saw the same rush of crowd the only difference was the earlier one had tired and frustrated faces but these were the waves of enthusiasm. I had entered a college campus after years and the environment reminded me of those beautiful days I had lived just a few years back. But what was a working woman doing in this college campus?

Well, I had come to attend a panel discussion on a socially political topic. I entered my name and entered the auditorium with a question paper in my hand. Not the exam paper, it was the feedback form.

I have never been to a panel discussion earlier, yet when the stage got filled with celebrities and experts like  Chetan Bhagat, Author of the block buster Novels turned into movies like 5 point someone, One night at  the call center, etc (Well, this was the most interesting reason for me to join in because I am a budding writer and I like Chetan Bhagat Novels) , Kiron Kher, well known actress, Aditya Raj Kaul, Indian editor at The Indian (Australian Magazine)&  Meenakshi Lekhi,  BJP Mahila Morcha, National Vice-President, I somehow knew what was there to discuss and was full of questions for each one of them in answer to whatever they said on the topic , “being apolitical, is the right way forward for India”.

Most of the audience were young college students excited and charged up even before the actual session began. The event was introduced by R P Singh, Founder of Gyan Tech, who faced the heat of the questions boiling in audience. I remembered the time when I was also a student and had views on almost every topic on earth and a suggestion for improving every system in India.

The youth of Mumbai had students of every opinion, some were putting facts, some were emotional about the game of politics while some were just good listeners.

They were of the view that to turn the situation of our country towards better, we as Indian citizens should exercise our voting rights dutifully without fail while the generation I am part of hardly feel the need to take pain to go to the voting booth.

It left me thinking that when I was also of the same stance when young, why today, I am also one of those Apoliticals? I will say I don’t have the voters ID, I tried but didn’t get it from Government. But the truth inside is that may be I didn’t try hard enough to get my rights. When I was a student and couldn’t understand an important math problem, I would try it 10 times till it gets clear in my head, working hard with passion. But today when it came to understanding of my rights, I didn’t give it another try and lost hope.

I pushed myself further to think and realized that I was so apolitical that I wasn’t even aware of different political parties, their leaders, their good and bad deeds, in short, I am a “ZERO” in politics. I feel I do not have enough wisdom to make a decision to give votes to right person, so I decide not to vote. But I cannot blame any one for this because I kept myself busy enough to not look at this side of the world just because I didn’t like it.

And because of this negligence of mine and many others, our Government had to bow down before a dictator. We didn’t trust Government but heard cries of those agitators who themselves were the part of game.

Anna Hazare, came with a wave and shook every one but hardly any one of us know the story behind. Have we ever thought, when Baba Ramdev had to quit before being heard, a man had to die after fasting of more than a month, why was this man given a hearing ear? Why did he get so much support  from everywhere? Why did he succeed?

Ralegaon, supposed to be just another village in democratic India, is truly not a part of it because it is being ruled, not by Government but by now famous celebrity Anna Hazare. A place where a person eating non-veg is punished with body tied to tree and is whipped by their king Anna. A place where, still only upper class has the right to speak out his heart while lower class can only watch, who are not even allowed to go on fast because only Anna has that right, can we call it democratic and can we call its leader democratic?

Anna who is fighting against corruption in public eyes is an inventor of a big political game through which he had kept unjustified demands which went unquestioned by public.

He demanded in the Lokpal bill that the officials who will be responsible for handing corruption cases should be given police rights so that they can arrest any one and at any time.

Only if one can imagine what it could lead to, if Government agreed to this, people sitting peacefully at home, with no dirt on their hands, can suddenly be caught for no reason and will be put in jail by Anna (in case he doesn’t like You ). The period given for the verdict resolution is only 2 years which is definitely not enough for an innocent to free himself of guilty before court in India.

So if one has given even a 100 rupee note in bribe by mistake, get ready for an imprisonment of 10 years. Yes, the minimum is 10 years. Your whole life will turn into a black hole.

I am not saying this will happen but by agreeing to his demands, Government will pass him enough rights to so this to any one in the country. So what you need to do if this happens? Well, speak out………”HAIL ANNA!”

…And sleep peacefully

Right to speech, yes it is a part of our constitution but when Arundati Roy spoke against Anna, public responded with something unexpected “She is a bitch, she should be raped!”

What a response! Of course they also have the right to speak but are they not aware that under our constitution, we are not allowed to insult anyone in public? We are not supposed to use abusive language?

Some of you reading this may be thinking that I am against Anna, may be I am favouring some political party but I have already made it clear that I was apolitical but as a human I have views, I support right and hate wrong doings.

Now looking at the Government, never ending of corruption, more than 30% of them above 70 years of age, can we expect any change?

Once there used to be king rule where one family ruled over the entire regime and the crown was passed on to their successors. Now we say that we have a democratic government chosen by people but is it really that way?

Look at our political structure:

Congress…began with Nehru Gandhi…followed by Indira then Rajeev than Sonia than Rahul………and it will go on forever , and we all know this is not the only family.

The same genes, the same values are carried by their children and their children taken from their corrupt ancestors, how can we expect any change in Indian regulation?

The only solution is to break this trend, to not have the same family keep ruling. Any politician who have been a minister or MLA should not be followed by his or her children, only new people with different belief system, different background should follow the regime. This is the only way out.

Well, I haven’t done any political research but my experience and intelligence says that this is the only way things can work the way we want them to. India will not change until people change which is not possible so change the people. And of course then we as citizens will have more and better options to choose from while voting.

I would end this piece with a comment that

Today politics means

“Promises are made to be broken”

Lets bring a change with motto…

“Success comes to those who have the courage to see the dreams”




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Corruption should Die!

June 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Corruption is like a parasite which is eating the foundation of our country. It emerges with power from top, and trickles down to bottom most level making the whole system corrupt. We can see that corruption has eaten up almost every system that prevails in India including education, governance, finance – even NGO’s which were made on purpose to solve problems, but how many of them are capable of solving these?

People of our country do not care as long as the bad claws of the system don’t scratch them and even if it does a few, they do not dare to stand up against the power.

Take an example of a simple system of registration of a rental property agreement, you just can’t get your work done unless you pay a bribe and the time taken is inversely proportional to the value of bribe. So the more you pay, the lesser time will you lose! As people say time is money, people who run our country make the best use of this fact. They accumulate crores just for doing what they are supposed to do. Normal citizens toil 8 hours a day and bring a few thousands in a month while these Government officials work only for few days and get loaded with colorful money.

When I was very young, my sister wanted to take electronics as her specialization in her school. The admission process was based on one examination which she cleared with good score but unfortunately she couldn’t make it. She went to Mom and Mom said she didn’t get because she didn’t deserve it as she did not score the required marks. She was convinced and she promised to work harder in future.

The next day, while she was talking to a student who had got electronics she came to know that he had much less marks than hers. She went back home and cried before Mom. She told her that she was deserving but she couldn’t get what she wanted because of one student. He got admission because his parents helped while my mom couldn’t help her who was her only support after our Dad’s death.

The battle then began. As a dutiful mother, my Mom took all the pains to help her daughter and fought till she got admission in the branch. She had to do various things including complaining to management, waiting for the Principal right in the middle of rain, who when didn’t come, she went to his house and stayed there till she was heard and assured that her problem will be resolved. All of us had lost hope when the classes started and my sister’s roll number didn’t appear in the Electronics Division even after so many efforts but my Mom didn’t quit but went before the School board. At last after her long fight with school Authorities, my sister got the merited seat.

It needs a lot of courage and patience to fight such causes but persistence is the key and I learnt this from Mom.

Corruption cannot stop on its own, we have to stop it. While at one point my Mom struggled  and refused to give money when asked, I went flowing with the tide and paid 100 bucks to the registrar through the agreement copy. While Mom won a combat after a month, my agreement got signed on the same day, but I am not proud of what I did. I have accepted  corruption and most of the people in our country have acknowledged corruption as the way of life.

A recent fight which is going on between Ram Dev Baba and Government of India is yet another example of a courageous fight and we people who are comfortably sitting at our home without any concerns is an example of acceptance of corruption.

He has more power than normal public so he is fighting, utilizing all of it and asking GOI to curb corruption. He has more demands but the fire which broke boils down to his demand to check corruption. Government acted like bats and Delhi police attacked the man’s shivir at night but he was still not deterred because that is what winners do.

This is not a fight like my mom did but a much bigger in which even his life can become filthy but he is still standing on his toe with full commitment to his belief.

He has asked to put death penalty for those who are found corrupt which is the only way that can work in our country because even if these Government Honchos are not scared of getting caught, we, the normal citizens are and once it becomes a crime then we would not accept it so easily but will learn to fight our own battles.

They take money because we give them. If we stop giving, they will have no say. Those who are corrupt should not live in this country because one bad fish can make the whole pond dirty so if you forgive one culprit, the corruption will spread like a wildfire and will engulf whole country.

Killers take one life and they get hanged by law then why not these corrupts who take many lives? They deserve to be hanged till death and the corruption shall die with them



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