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God’s Love Visualization

March 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Imagine yourself standing on the top of a large building, a place from where you can see the whole world which looks so small, just like some game you played in childhood. You climb on top of the building’s wall. Look towards the sky. You are on top but the sky still looks bigger, much bigger than you, much bigger than this world itself.

You close your eyes. You want some freshness; you want some peace, the peace of night, the peace of moonlight. When you open your eyes, you can see the sky again but this time it is dark, darker than you have ever seen it in your life. The blackness of sky makes every star visible to you.

You are asking for God’s love. You want to see God’s heart beating for you. You see the stars, more closely, observe them. They are growing. Lift up your hand and make a shape of heart on the sky, the stars turned brighter, so bright that now you can see a beating heart in the sky.

This is the Love of God, his grace. His wonderful gift of love is bestowed upon you. Close your eyes again and this time you ask for light, light from inside. God resides inside every human and you ask him for the power to see him. When you open your eyes, feel the glow, it is coming from your own body. Your whole body is glowing like a moon; this is the light of God who is present inside us.

You can now feel the power, the God inside your heart. Your heart becomes lighter and lighter and lighter. It becomes soft and cool. You can feel the coolness in your heart. It glows with moonshine and a fresh air touches it softly.

You close your eyes again, this time asking for a ray of hope in the darkness from God. Now you see a flame glowing slowly, a small flame. You ask more power, more light; more life from God and the flame grows and grows until you feel the heat of it inside your body. It keeps you warm and gives you comfort. Your heart is lighter, your body is warmer and you are filled with the light of God.

Enjoy the freshness, the light, the power, the Love of God inside you. Feel it and love it. Believe it and thank him for showing himself to you inside your own heart. Open your hands in the air and then open your eyes slowly. Now you can see a whole new world in front of you, world full of love, laughter and peace


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The Power Visualization

March 14, 2011 Leave a comment

You are walking on an empty road. You are alone and no one is there to watch you except the stars in the sky. You see huge trees on both the sides of road; they are so huge that you find yourself like a tiny speckle in front of them. You are standing in front of the tree; observe its magnanimity and the perfect blend of the shape of its leaves with the vast sky and the stars twinkling over them, as if feelings from the borders of the big leave.

The stem of the tree is big so big that you can run on it like on a race track. You want to go up and want to feel the sky, feel the moon, and feel the stars. You climb it; you have climbed one step, one more step and one more step. The more you climb, you feel your weight is becoming lighter, and your heart is filled with the love for nature, love for yourself, love for the world and love for the God. The more you climb your curiosity increases and now you want to feel the sky more desperately.

You are so full of energy that you can keep on climbing on the tree forever and ever and ever. You go close to sky, closer and closer. You have reached the horizon and now you find yourself sitting on a big leaf. The leaf is fresh green and smell of a new life, smell of energy, and smell of love. You close your eyes and smell the scent of the freshness of the leaf and feel the air blowing smoothly touching your body.

Now you open your eyes and see the sky coming down on you, the stars coming closer, becoming brighter until the whole world becomes bright with the twinkling stars. You extend your hand towards the sky, you touch the star. It is huge, much bigger than you. Now you want to climb the star. You touch it with your hand; it feels like a grain, a mosaic, which is smooth and shiny. You touch it and the shine comes on your hand. The glow from the star comes to you glowing your body.

You feel lighter, lighter than the sky itself and your body starts floating on the air. You find yourself sitting over the big star. Feel the texture of the star. The star is now moving, moving away from the leaf, talking you to the sky. It is moving slowly making your heart lighter and you feel the peace inside your soul. Now you have reached the sky, you touch the sky. You feel it. It is smooth, very soft. It attracts you and you go inside the sky. You go deeper and deeper inside the sky until you become the sky.

Now you can see the whole world shining below you. This world is full of light and happiness. Observe the beauty of the world, feel the vastness of the sky inside you. Now you are giving light to the world, a light of love and care. You are strong, very strong, and stronger than you have ever been before. You are top of the world, you are the sky, you cover the world, you give it light, you give it love, and you care for it.

Now close your eyes and feel everything on the earth with your heart, feel the sky inside your heart, feel yourself glowing with freshness. Feel the beauty inside you for some time. Spend some more time. Now you open your eyes and you will see a person who is much stronger inside you. You have become more powerful. Feel the power, love it. This power has been given to you by God himself. It is yours and you are happy now


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