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Was India really ready for Demonetization?

December 8, 2016 Leave a comment

After 86% of currency in circulation did not remain legal tender,

82 people died in the ATM Queues,

Many weddings were postponed,

GDP growth is likely to go down from 6.8% to 3.5%,

Stock prices went down below 200 days moving average,

Manufacturing PMI fell down from 54.4 to 52.3,

Smaller producers running on cash transactions till last month are shut,

Fishing industry faced a severe fall in demand,

Consumer goods sale fell down to one-third within a month,

Farmers are selling their produce at much lower prices for lack of cash with buyers,

And the hardest blow went to those 600 million people who did not have a bank account. 300 out of these don’t even have required bank IDs to even open a bank account.

Few smaller denominations of currency printed rendering most people leave with a 2000 rupee note which does no good as nobody is willing to take it,

Banks are already running out of cash and their ATMs are unable to hold the required volumes of smaller denominations of currency.

Was India really ready for Demonetization?

India is an economy where 40% people stay in rural areas  and an estimated 95% of the transactions are carried out through cash. Can such a highly cash reliant country suddenly turn into a cashless society in just 50 days? The claims sound overpromising.

And the promise to curb the black money and reduce corruption – Did it really work out?

Why was this decision taken? Cash is a very significant portion of the black money – an assumption on which the demonetization decision was based on – Was it really true? – In 2013, only 6% of the black money was recovered from cash invaders. Was it really that significant to waive off Rs. 12,000 currency as tender notes?

The actual black money totals out to Rs. 30 lakh Crore which is way beyond the cash in circulation. So, did the move actually expose these black money bearers? While 1000 rupee notes were withdrawn, a higher denomination of Rs. 2000 was introduced. Will this not make it easier for those saving black money in future?

Before demonetization was announced, there was some groundwork needed –

  • Banks should have been supplied with enough new notes for replacement
  • ATM capacities were to be expanded to take on more volumes of cash

But most will argue that if such a preparation was made in advance, it would have given a chance to black money bearers to exchange their cash before the move. So, was this sudden announcement the only way? If it was, did it have to be so painful? The answer is undoubtedly yes. A sudden demonetization is obviously a pain and when the economy is not ready to take such a blow, it is likely to plunge into a screeching halt.

The monetary impact of the move was already clear and it was to cause a chaos. However, a demonetization move also needed to have a consideration of non-monetary aspects like impacts on people into different situations and settings. If there was a consideration for the people who did not bank accounts, or the people who never used ATMs, appropriate measures could have been taken.

The move of demonetization maybe an appropriate thing to do but whether the country had right strategies and right infrastructure to handle the implications, still remains a question. Was India really ready for Demonetization?

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Poor are poorer, Rich are richer – the Gap Widens with Demonetization

December 8, 2016 Leave a comment

In between the swipes of credit cards and debit cards in ATMs, you will find many poor, maybe illiterate people, running around ATMs for the first time usage and there is no one to help. While Indian government has plans to build a cashless society, banks have no bandwidth to handle the queries of a large number of customers who are still unfamiliar with the technology.

I recently went to Mahabaleshwar and could clearly see the differences in struggles of these people and well to do people like us. We did not have the cash either so standing in line for cash was the only option just like them. The only difference was that while we reached ATM after a long wait, we were at least able to withdraw Rs. 2000 from ATM but those first-time users of ATM, who were forced by the government to adapt to the technologies, despite waiting for longer time, were unable to take out cash as they did not know how to use the ATM. There was no instruction sheet or a person to help them except those already in a queue.

Some thoughts trouble me after having an experience the effect of demonetization for some time. A careful observation revealed how ignorant is the system of today towards the needs of people who are illiterate, less educated, disabled, poor, old, or needy.

  • We were fortunate enough to seek help from the Hotel staff who was ready to take a credit card swipe for a transaction. Can these poor people even afford to go to a restaurant which has the facility of card swipe or would they still struggle on stalls for cash?
  • As a small-scale vendor like those selling vegetables, would you find people giving you cash or do you have to leave your vegetables as waste?
  • What about those farmers who are unable to get cash against their production?
  • As a first time user of ATM, do you have anyone to guide you or you are at the mercy of a person standing next to you to help or else?
  • While the decision of demonetization was abrupt, was the plan for managing the after effect was also abrupt? Or did government even think of a plan?

While demonetization has hardly affected big businessmen and well to families who had already adopted plastic money as their way of life, the real people who were severely affected by the decisions are the poor farmers, small vendors, uneducated and those not comfortable with technological advances.

People facing difficulties have become only scenarios and stories to talk about.

Think of an old lady in her 70’s. Throughout her life, she has been using cash. Her eye sight is too weak to even see what is written on the ATM screen and maybe she is not even educated enough. Would she be able to act independently at an ATM center? Who doesn’t know the story an old woman dying of heart attack because she was unable to convert her hard earned money into real cash?

Think of a poor farmer who has been selling his production against cash but because of lack of cash, is unable to sustain the living? Farmer suicides are nothing new and our nation has already experienced it in past. Will this impact not increase such incidences?

Think of a housewife, probably tortured by her husband or in-laws, who have been saving money for her life and all of a sudden, all her savings go to whom?

The rich already have gold, properties, stocks, and other assets to invest their money in. Most of the cash is circulated among the smaller people with lesser money. I remember the day when the demonetization was announced. While I heard people telling stories of so much cash, I saw my wallet and there was only one note to exchange. Am I poor? I am just middle-class independent woman who is educated and uses plastic money more often than cash. I was not affected until I met people who did not use plastic money and demanded cash against the services they offered me.

Another observation – If I was to stand for 3 hours in the queue, I can work on my mobile, use various applications to complete my tasks, do a video conferencing to conduct a meeting, read books on Kindle, check and answer my business emails, and do a lot more. What about people who earn daily wages and to get petty cash, they have to stand in line for hours, losing either their work hours or their sleep?

What I can see as impacts of this sudden demonetization is – Poor are getting poorer, middle class is still in middle, rich will get richer, helpless would go even more helpless – The GAP WIDENS!

The Effect of Fountainhead

January 20, 2015 1 comment

Ayn Rand

This is not a story nor is an opinion piece but just an experience of a discussion session that I want to share. Fountainhead, a major literary success, read by most authors and loved by most readers was the central point of discussion. The name itself attracted book lovers to a small hall in Vile Parle. There were many first time attendants in an active Meetup group, Book Exchange Club.

The discussion started with few takers of objectivism. The host was carrying Fountainhead, the famous Ayn Rand book in her hands. Soon, the hall was filled with more enthusiasts.

Initially, I felt a bit discomfort on seeing small clusters of people, with none having a place for a new joiner like me. But, as the story began, I was engrossed in the aura of characters created by Ayn. I had not read the whole book yet I could remember all key characters of the book.

The bright and confident looking lady took out small chunks of events from the book to weave the story for a refresh. She not just presented the story but also the views of Ayn Rand on Objectivism. At first, she had been dominant enough to not let any interference but often, she was interrupted by another fine lady who had a take on every part of the story. More than a discussion, It sounded like a two way talk till some more people participated.

There was a small break given when she asked others to continue the story but there was none comfortable enough to take it forward and she was asked to continue as she knew finer details. We waited for her to complete after which she gave chance to everyone.

When everyone was asked to present views one by one, many unique views came but with common patterns of fictional jargons. I came up with one without and said,’ I didn’t want to be a good girl and this book told me that there was nothing wrong in that”, people laughed and I smiled.

I do not have the capacity to register views of everyone but here are some I can remember. I would particularly not name anyone not just to keep anonymity, but also because I do not remember their names.

I remember one guy saying that he was more of an altruist for he came for the discussion despite his dislike for the book. His views were obviously not welcomed by advocates of objectivism and were laughed at. Another girl added to the view of discomfort with the character Dominique whom she found foolish and of disturbed mind.

For those who have not read the book, my descriptions may not sound comprehensible so I take a chance to tell the story here.
The story begins with a naked man standing on the rocks, highlighting the boldness a reader can expect from the book. This man called Howard Roark is an architecture student who has his own ideas of the field that he is not willing to part with in any case. He sees himself as an individual creator of the art and reserve the right to own the ideas in full.

Opposite to him is another architect, Peter Keating who believes in making everyone happy by making adjustments. Getting results and getting famous are his motivations. He is often helped by Roark but credits are always taken for self.

Roark, a strong follower of individualism does not get acceptance in the university because of his strict ideals and has to leave the college. Peter, on the other side excels with top scores and gets a job in the most respected architecture firm founded by Cameron.

The story goes is a fight between communism and individualism.  Howard Roark with strength of his character remains unaltered despite rejections. Peter on the other side uses deception to get ahead. He cheats, he kills and he also gets to marry Roark’s girlfriend Dominique, who is another very strong and complex character in the book. She is unhappy with her life, is looking for an exile through self-torture and loves Roark but yet she marries Peter, the  growing businessman.

Peter’s career soon goes down and is then helped by Gail Wynad, owner and chief editor of a publication in exchange of a generous offer to marry Domnique. The second marriage of Dominique comes as another blow to Roark yet he lets her love go.

In the end, Roark succeeds unexpectedly with his unique ideas and gets to design several buildings. However, one of his designs are modified before beginning construction without his knowledge. This project called Cortlandt becomes very successful but Roark bombs the building and has to face a trial. In this trial, he justifies his reasons for his conduct.

He said that he was a creator and he wanted the building to look the way he imagined but the actual result was not what he wanted. He claimed that he did not get the price of his work which was not the money but the ability to see the building as he wanted.

There is one beautiful speech by Roark  in the end which I cannot replicate but you must read it from the book or you may choose to watch the movie based on the book. The story ends with most awaited contract given to Roark by Gail, to create tallest building in New York, on his own terms and exactly as he wanted. Gail tells Roark that he did not want to see Roark again while signing the contract and after Roark leaves, Gail shoots himself accepting the defeat.

The final victory of Roark is shaped by the dominant figure standing against the self constructed tallest building of New York. Domnique comes back to him.

Let us now have some reader views.

There was one lady whom I knew nothing about except that she was not an Indian. She told that when she was in her college, this book was like the bible for behaving like rebels. She got applaud from others but I particularly did not agree with her. Being a rebellion means you are going against others but if you are following someone, be it a rebellion himself /herself, you are actually not a rebellion because rebellion is a person who has his own views or individuality that he or she practices without considering others views. But, that’s only my view. For others, she had a great time.

Another foreigner expressed his wonders  about how religious bodies would have reacted to the ideals presented in this book. There was no response to his thoughts, may be because people found it difficult to understand what he was saying. I was continuously looking at him with sticky eyes to understand what he was saying. I wonder what he may be thinking about me! About the response of religious bodies, I am sure they must be breaking their heads and their wrath would have been faced by Ayn Rand. The 12 rejections from publisher itself suggest that her defiant views were not welcomed instantly.

There was a girl who could not come, but had sent a letter which was read. It was a long letter so I would only present the crux here. She did not particularly agree with Ayn Rand on virtue of selfishness. Her view was that she could feel pleasure helping others which was not a selfish act. But her views were countered by the presenter of the story. She had said that if one is able to gather happiness by helping others then that itself reflects that one is actually practicing objectivism.

There were few people who said that the book has changed their lives. I don’t know if that was true but if it did positively, then may be the author was able to create a better world. The discussion was heated and people had many strong views about objectivism.

In total, most agreed with the concept of objectivism and liked the views of Ayn Rand. I particularly liked the story, the way two worlds of individualists and communists were presented. Common takings agreed by the most were:

  • Being Selfish is not being self-centered but doing what you like
  • Highest responsibility of a person is to serve one’s own goals.
  • You must do what you wish to do without worrying about what others believe.
  • It was necessary to understand individualism and follow it to resolve problems in the world.
  • For making others happy, it is important to first make oneself happy.

Overall it felt good to be a part of a crowd that did not have a problem with who I was, even if I did not want to be a good. Instead, when I had said that I didn’t want to be a good girl, one girl said, “I like people who don’t want to be good”.

I don’t know how these people behaved at their homes but here, everybody was looking for liberation, was advocating objectivism, and sounded like preachers of individualism.

It was a different environment from what I have been through earlier where people always wanted to be on the social side, religious, and good. But here everyone wanted to be what they were.

May be, it was not the way they always talk but was the effect of Ayn Rand and her principle of objectivity which took over, not just the discussion but minds of people who participated . I could feel the strength of the personality of the author, from the way people were advocating her principles. It was like a wave of change that they wanted to bring to the world. I liked the aura!

I am a book lover and have read many books and rarely do I find authors who are able to capture imaginations to this extent. Ayn Rand is one of them.

I would not become Roark after reading the book like one girl said that everybody had started to behave like Roark in her college of architecture, after reading the book for I do not want to lose my individuality.

There were two more people from the architecture background and they were particularly interested in this book because they were told about this book in their institutes or colleges. I didn’t know that this book was considered important even in architecture schools. There may be some elements of architecture that these students could have learned from this book that I am not aware of. But it was wonderful to know that the book has captured not only the concept of objectivism well, but also bits of architecture, the occupation of the protagonist making it worthy to become the part of the curriculum in architecture schools.

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Let my child live with peace!

December 22, 2014 Leave a comment

Your eyes start to twinkle the day you hear the news of a life in your womb. That is the first time when you cry for you are unable to hold the happiness. The bond soon begins to develop as you imagine your baby cuddling you as she kicks your womb with her tiny legs. A new world begins to unravel as you imagine how your child may look, her face, her smile, her eyes, and everything. You suddenly start believing in dreams and start making plans for the new ones arrival. You build a new world for her, wanting her to have all the love and comfort of life. The colours of your house, size of objects and everything else begins to change.

When finally, your baby is in your arms, you let out a second cry when you hold her close. Now, the world that you created for her starts to change as your life shrinks into hers and it is your baby who now creates the world for you. Your baby now decides when you should eat, when you should sleep! In this new world, the bond created transforms into an obsession where all your plan start with consideration of your child. If you go out, it is for your child, if you see a movie, it is for the child and everything around you that was tiny and went noticed, suddenly start to look prominent as now you have become expert in noticing small things in life.

Your life becomes an adventure which is flowing with surprises, you wait to see her first turn, her first smile, first walk, first talk and you want to capture every milestone your child develops. Your life now revolves around the child, you smile at her innocence, you laugh with her, play with her, you sleep cuddling her and everything except her starts to look unimportant. Your emotions reach a new level when you cry at the slightest, and even stories of others now start to impact you deeply.

It was this time when my child got up from sleep, smiled at me, his eyes looking at me with innocence, when I imagined the feeling of a mother whose child was killed in Peshawar terrorist attack and I could not hold my tears. I can’t imagine my life without my child and if a day comes when he suddenly disappears, I can’t even imagine how I would live. I can only imagine myself with him, not beyond. His innocent eyes looked at me wondering why I was crying. He is too small to even understand tears and why they come unless someone is hungry or in pain. He only understands bodily discomforts. He is not aware of the world outside that has many more ways to give you pain.

I imagined telling my child stories of fairies where good triumphs over evil, of heroic men as victors but what about the generation that is built over this massacre. Will they hear the stories of innocence getting killed as they grow up? I may be lucky to have been born in this part of the world but the other world that we have on the same earth is what makes me cry often. Brutality is becoming less rare with death floating all over and their stories are touching everyone in a way that either they ignore it or they get scared of life.

Pehawar Killings

The stories that always began with “Once upon a time” would now see an obvious addition, “Once upon a time, life was beautiful”. Where is this world going and who is leading this world towards this un-beautiful, scary, horrifying life? I have no words, no response that could be considered relevant in such situation where you hear not people, but the innocence itself getting killed. If a child without whom we have no life, the only human being who only loves, who only sees good become a part of an unimagined brutality, then what do you feel? How do you feel? or Are you at all left with any feeling?

I saw my little child walking slowly with his tiny legs, an unbalanced gait, and eyes still looking at me. My heart cried for a fear that scared me even before I could imagine it and I pulled him to hold in my arms. He cuddled me and I cuddled him tighter. He did not move but was only clinging to me as if saying, “Mom, never leave me alone”. He never liked hugging like this unless he sees me after a long time or he is scared. It appeared like he was able to sense my fear without knowledge and hugged me to give assurance that he was with me. I want him to stay with me always. I want this world to become better. I want this world to be like ones in the stories I heard as a child. I want this world to run on emotions and not on ammunitions.

But all I have is a world full of blood and slaughter with no guarantee of a normal life to a normal person. You stay healthy only till you are lucky but you never know when your luck may leave you. I only request God, if not me, at least let my child live with peace!

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Are you an entrepreneur or an employee?

March 23, 2014 Leave a comment

Pooja DSr


Are you an employee or an entrepreneur? This is a question with not so simple answer as you may be thinking. If you are saying that an entrepreneur is the one who works for himself while employee works for others then that is not sufficient as I am not talking about ones occupation but something more important – The MINDSET.

Now think again and then say, are you an employee or an entrepreneur? Are you working on a job but thinking to start something of your own all the time? You are an employee, if you are just excited about the idea but you are an entrepreneur, if you are also building a pipeline.

Do you like to take orders? An employee says, “No, but then I don’t have a choice” but an entrepreneur will just say “I don’t take orders”.

What motivates you? Your dreams or the money you…

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Baby and the kicks

November 12, 2012 Leave a comment

Sitting comfortably,with a pillow supporting my back, I was looking at the train of small white dots printed on my tunic, tightly fitting my protruded belly, and listening to the most soothing music, intended for children, I was waiting to feel the kicks that made me happy every time I felt them inside me. A small life inside my belly reminds me of the beauty of life itself. There is someone inside, someone who listens to every word I say, someone affected by every emotion I display, someone who makes me feel that I am complete and that love can be so pure, unconditional and beautiful.

I don’t even know whether it’s a boy or a girl but I would call him as some part of me tells me that it’s a boy. I may be wrong but when I saw the tiny body jumping on the screen while in Sonography, I had a feeling of assurance that my intuition was right.

The experience itself was so delighting that I can never forget it in my life, those moments when I saw his face first time on screen. I had laughed heartily when the doctor had said that my baby was very haughty and did not like him. He was doing everything like, moving his legs, waving his hands, but when we wanted to see his face, he would put his hands over it as if trying to hide himself from the doctor.

While doing sonography, when doctor had asked me to ask my baby to move, I was confused; how do I say it? Will he understand? Will he respond? How to make him understand what I want him to do? But today I know, how to wake him up, how to make him turn, how to make him kick. I wished if I knew that earlier, maybe I could have seen him kicking, jumping and dancing in front of my eyes.

I closed my eyes, resting on the pillow. As the music filled my ears and reached my baby, kicks started, little at some songs, aggressive at others while at some music, he just swam inside me smoothly, making me feel every inch of him. It felt like, for him, my body gad become an arena of live concert while he was trying to dance on the rhythm of the beats played.

A tear came to my eye when I imagined my little boy dancing happily and I longed to see him. I wondered when just the kicks from inside me can bring a happy tear to my eyes, how would I react when he would actually be in my arms!

Whenever he fell silent, I would sing Twinkle Twinkle because I knew he wouldn’t miss it even if I start to whisper and will start kicking immediately as if he could recognize his favorite song.

He had been so active since morning that I couldn’t make out a reason or understand his emotions; maybe he was happy for I sang to him or maybe he was also craving to meet me as I was. At times, I felt amazed at the un-ending energy of the little baby, he was active whole day, not tired, not bored, not worried, enjoying every moment I hope!

I went to the doctor in the evening and she asked me if I could feel the kicks, while he was actually kicking at that time. I smiled and said, “Yes, a lot”.  When doctor touched him, he suddenly fell silent for some time like a little child who gets conscious when a stranger asks him to say hello.

There are times when my husband wanted to feel him. He would keep his hand over my belly waiting long for his kicks and when he kick, my husband’s face would lighten up and he would smile and laugh at the same time. The first time ever I felt the kick, I wasn’t expecting but when I felt the blow , I felt I was on seventh heaven and from then on I patiently waited every time for him to responds to me.

A kick makes me happy, makes me crave to hold my baby in my hand, play with him, love him, hide him in my arms, dance with him in the twilight, talk to him , sing to him, tell stories and many more feelings hidden deep inside my heart waiting for him to come and hold his mom.

I imagined many times, how will the baby look, about baby’s likes, dislikes, and I wanted to know every single thing about my little angel. He can feel the music, he responds when I talk to him and when I am talking to someone on phone, especially when the person is talking fast. When I am lazily lying on my bed at night, trying to sleep, he reminds me of his presence by moving and kicking everywhere he can. When I am fast asleep and get up with a sudden sound, he reminds me again that he can hear and feel everything I can hear and feel. At the times when I haven’t eaten for a long time, he kicks again forcing me to have something.

When I walk, I don’t feel much of the kicks so everytime I get a chance alone, I would sit or lie down quietly somewhere and wait for him to make me feel his presence again. I don’t see him like a baby inside my tummy but some one, who is there with me all the time, just that I am yet to see him.

In initial months , I used to get impatient, thinking when would these nine months end and I will see my baby but now with the kicks always attending me, I want these moments to last forever. I want to enjoy them the most, they will never ever come back in my life, not with the same baby. I will never forget these moments when I explored my tiny baby with all my imaginations and love, trying to understand everything about him. I will always remember the times when I was lying on bed with my hands on my belly, feeling him, jumping and laughing with him. It is more delightful feeling than the highest meditation experience on earth.

I now feel that my whole world belongs to him and everything I will ever want will be for him and only him. Every feeling, every fun, every decision will be taken , keeping him in mind. I will love the person who would love my baby and hate the person who would hurt my baby. A new world is created for me now.






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Networking through Social Media : A way towards possibilities

June 28, 2012 Leave a comment

What is networking? If asked this question, different people may define it  in various ways. Dictionary shows it as a link , a connection. Wikipeida describes business networking as “a socioeconomic activity by which groups of like-minded businesspeople recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities.”. Basic needs of a Human are food , shelter and clothing as we heard from childhood,  but what we really want is, to be a part of the society, to have relationships and to get recognition. In olden days meeting people, conquering hearts was a challenge in itself because of the distances involved but today the world has shrunk itself to remove all the barriers among people. Now we can connect with almost any one from anywhere.

There was a time when relationships depended on the society they lived in and the parental bonds but with the boundaries removed, we connect with people not just on the basis of societal or geographical ties but out of common interests. Websites like Facebook, twiiter, LInkedin, Google +, all may have difference interface but the main theme remains same, that is connecting people. Most of us now who are even a little comfortable with internet, are atleast present on Facebook and those who want to grow in their respective career paths, are present on Linkedin, a brilliant platform for business and career networking.

But how do they use these mediums to build relationships? Are they looking at facebook only for fun? Are they looking at Linkedin only for business? Well, there is much more to it than just being a connection in someone’s profile. People join various communities and groups on these websites, depending on their interests, an efficient way to connect with, people sharing same passion, people looking for those who can guide them and people who are open to helping others learn.

 I myself have used these two websites extensively for networking, both socially and for business purpose but the aim was to build a nework of people I can rely on. There was a time when facebook and LInkedin were  almost new. not many years back but today they are like my extention that I can’t stay without. In just 2 years, I increased my network from withing a hundred to over 2000. It enables us to just send requests to people whose profiles you find attractive enough to have a business or social relationship, a tool which I used to build my connections. But is adding people enough? Can anyone make use of it? Can people have 10K people in the network, not really remembering most of them and expect some good results? Of course the answer is no. The aim is not to have more coonections but to have more effective connections.

But how do we make connections effective? Key is the interaction..not just on the professional level , like you ask an expert a question, expect an answer or send a request for career guidance or help and expect them to help you out, but it has more dimensions to it. Networking today is not about just creating connections but about making friends. And the success lies in building relationships that matter. It counts when you remember them, you like talking to them and they remember you in the same way. There are various tools available where you can get noticed or follow some one. These are simple, known to almost everyone present and easily acccessible too.

They offer you the opportunity to display your talent or your views in front of the world through blogs and then you can share them with others as well read what others think. Now one may think how writing a blog will build a relation? Well, when some one writes a blog, there is no doubt that he or she wants some one to read, otherwise why would he or she create it online?

Miles Frankin once said “Someone to tell it to is one of the fundamental needs of human beings”

Being aware of the facts, if you read the blogs others create, comment on them, relate with them, understand them and start a conversation related to their blogs, there are high chances that they will respond positively and if you are also a blogger they would definitely want to know more about what you write. People with same interests usually end up with a personal bonding.

Another great way is to join communities or groups and be an active member. Who is an active member? A member who participates in the group in the ways that are offered, which could be a discussion, a survey, latest updates, asking questions, creating stories, commenting etc. Again an efficient way to get noticed, if what you write is liked by some one, or one can relate with it. You can ask people for guidance and most likely, they would be open to interacting and suggesting ways to help you in any way. This creates a bond among a group of people rather than as an individual with other individual and this way you can build effective groups that can grow together professionally or mingle together personally

A direct connection is no doubt the most easy way, yet a difficult way to connect as people whom you personally do not know but want to connect, are little likely to accept one as a contact unless your profile interests them. But once connected, one must not sit idle but start  conversation even if it doesn’t begin with the other person. As long as you want to take it forward, you can take it forward. One can understand the professional as well as personal background of a connection and then become a friend in the long run, once the chord strikes. But how many interactions are required to build a relationship? The answer is not in numbers but in the information. Ask yourself, how much you know about the person? Family ? Professional goals? Personal goals? Personality? Interest? The more you know, the better it is.

Aren’t these ways simple?  But how many of us really make use of the brilliant features that these websites offer to interact with people in various ways?

We may complain that it is time consuming but then even when you go out to your neighbor and talk, you give time. Would you talk only for half an hour every time and leave? Of course not, you most probably will have a lunch or dinner together, a movie or a picnic together. You take time to make friends, and the same is applicable to social and business networking as well. You need to create a bond, online interaction is just the first step. Effective but you can not deny the need to meet in person, which is the most essential step of any relationship. People whom you haven’t met, you are a little diffident and unsure about the trust factor and that is the reason why most online networks and connections collapse. They forget each other in no time and then all the efforts they have put, go down the drain.

Every time you see or meet a person through any medium, it brings an opportunity to learn and create great relationships, provided, you explore it enough to find if that gives you a direction or takes away your dreams. You meet several kinds of people, whether it is in person or through various other mediums and in both ways you can be cheated or mis-guided yet your fear of the medium which cannot be felt physically is more than the one which has more capacity to exploit you being closer and more accessible to them.

The only fear in building relationships online is inability to trust which creates a doubt and stops us from believing the person we are interacting with, forgetting the fact that risk is on both sides, we start to judge , make notions without really exploring the possibilities that can be opened up for us.

The key to building effective social or business relationship is to give chance to others to speak, to ask questions and to believe them and make them believe you as well. Keeping an open mind can bring you a new world of exciting opportunities, trustworthy friends and a great move towards your real goals. Meeting more people is about creating more options for yourself, about opening more doors and learning more to create a wisdom.

Explore the social media, not as a tool to update your friends about your life but also to keep yourself updated about whats going around you.

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