Some said, I lack focus and some said I haven’t seen the real world but my passion always surpassed all the arguments and turned me into a crazy person chasing her dreams against all odds. I still have a long way to go but I am happy with what I have achieved till now. The tags that I stick to myself – Writer, Trainer and Researcher, do not just give me pride but happiness for I am doing what I love to do, not to earn , become rich or famous but for myself, for my love and to keep myself alive all the time. I feel, a human without passion is a body without soul.

I am a writer and I write contents for organizations, stories for readers. When I work on a project, I strive for best to produce a material that brings happiness to my customers. I do not take it as their work but as mine.

I train people on Microsoft Excel, for two reasons: first, I love Excel and carry extensive knowledge, and Second, every single person I ever trained told me that I am a fantastic trainer( and I agree with them)

I get excited with things to learn, the beauty of nature and people I meet.

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