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being apolitical, is the right way forward for India

September 16, 2011 1 comment

Just a few minutes’ walk from busy churchgate station, I reached a place called Jai Hind College. I saw the same rush of crowd the only difference was the earlier one had tired and frustrated faces but these were the waves of enthusiasm. I had entered a college campus after years and the environment reminded me of those beautiful days I had lived just a few years back. But what was a working woman doing in this college campus?

Well, I had come to attend a panel discussion on a socially political topic. I entered my name and entered the auditorium with a question paper in my hand. Not the exam paper, it was the feedback form.

I have never been to a panel discussion earlier, yet when the stage got filled with celebrities and experts like  Chetan Bhagat, Author of the block buster Novels turned into movies like 5 point someone, One night at  the call center, etc (Well, this was the most interesting reason for me to join in because I am a budding writer and I like Chetan Bhagat Novels) , Kiron Kher, well known actress, Aditya Raj Kaul, Indian editor at The Indian (Australian Magazine)&  Meenakshi Lekhi,  BJP Mahila Morcha, National Vice-President, I somehow knew what was there to discuss and was full of questions for each one of them in answer to whatever they said on the topic , “being apolitical, is the right way forward for India”.

Most of the audience were young college students excited and charged up even before the actual session began. The event was introduced by R P Singh, Founder of Gyan Tech, who faced the heat of the questions boiling in audience. I remembered the time when I was also a student and had views on almost every topic on earth and a suggestion for improving every system in India.

The youth of Mumbai had students of every opinion, some were putting facts, some were emotional about the game of politics while some were just good listeners.

They were of the view that to turn the situation of our country towards better, we as Indian citizens should exercise our voting rights dutifully without fail while the generation I am part of hardly feel the need to take pain to go to the voting booth.

It left me thinking that when I was also of the same stance when young, why today, I am also one of those Apoliticals? I will say I don’t have the voters ID, I tried but didn’t get it from Government. But the truth inside is that may be I didn’t try hard enough to get my rights. When I was a student and couldn’t understand an important math problem, I would try it 10 times till it gets clear in my head, working hard with passion. But today when it came to understanding of my rights, I didn’t give it another try and lost hope.

I pushed myself further to think and realized that I was so apolitical that I wasn’t even aware of different political parties, their leaders, their good and bad deeds, in short, I am a “ZERO” in politics. I feel I do not have enough wisdom to make a decision to give votes to right person, so I decide not to vote. But I cannot blame any one for this because I kept myself busy enough to not look at this side of the world just because I didn’t like it.

And because of this negligence of mine and many others, our Government had to bow down before a dictator. We didn’t trust Government but heard cries of those agitators who themselves were the part of game.

Anna Hazare, came with a wave and shook every one but hardly any one of us know the story behind. Have we ever thought, when Baba Ramdev had to quit before being heard, a man had to die after fasting of more than a month, why was this man given a hearing ear? Why did he get so much support  from everywhere? Why did he succeed?

Ralegaon, supposed to be just another village in democratic India, is truly not a part of it because it is being ruled, not by Government but by now famous celebrity Anna Hazare. A place where a person eating non-veg is punished with body tied to tree and is whipped by their king Anna. A place where, still only upper class has the right to speak out his heart while lower class can only watch, who are not even allowed to go on fast because only Anna has that right, can we call it democratic and can we call its leader democratic?

Anna who is fighting against corruption in public eyes is an inventor of a big political game through which he had kept unjustified demands which went unquestioned by public.

He demanded in the Lokpal bill that the officials who will be responsible for handing corruption cases should be given police rights so that they can arrest any one and at any time.

Only if one can imagine what it could lead to, if Government agreed to this, people sitting peacefully at home, with no dirt on their hands, can suddenly be caught for no reason and will be put in jail by Anna (in case he doesn’t like You ). The period given for the verdict resolution is only 2 years which is definitely not enough for an innocent to free himself of guilty before court in India.

So if one has given even a 100 rupee note in bribe by mistake, get ready for an imprisonment of 10 years. Yes, the minimum is 10 years. Your whole life will turn into a black hole.

I am not saying this will happen but by agreeing to his demands, Government will pass him enough rights to so this to any one in the country. So what you need to do if this happens? Well, speak out………”HAIL ANNA!”

…And sleep peacefully

Right to speech, yes it is a part of our constitution but when Arundati Roy spoke against Anna, public responded with something unexpected “She is a bitch, she should be raped!”

What a response! Of course they also have the right to speak but are they not aware that under our constitution, we are not allowed to insult anyone in public? We are not supposed to use abusive language?

Some of you reading this may be thinking that I am against Anna, may be I am favouring some political party but I have already made it clear that I was apolitical but as a human I have views, I support right and hate wrong doings.

Now looking at the Government, never ending of corruption, more than 30% of them above 70 years of age, can we expect any change?

Once there used to be king rule where one family ruled over the entire regime and the crown was passed on to their successors. Now we say that we have a democratic government chosen by people but is it really that way?

Look at our political structure:

Congress…began with Nehru Gandhi…followed by Indira then Rajeev than Sonia than Rahul………and it will go on forever , and we all know this is not the only family.

The same genes, the same values are carried by their children and their children taken from their corrupt ancestors, how can we expect any change in Indian regulation?

The only solution is to break this trend, to not have the same family keep ruling. Any politician who have been a minister or MLA should not be followed by his or her children, only new people with different belief system, different background should follow the regime. This is the only way out.

Well, I haven’t done any political research but my experience and intelligence says that this is the only way things can work the way we want them to. India will not change until people change which is not possible so change the people. And of course then we as citizens will have more and better options to choose from while voting.

I would end this piece with a comment that

Today politics means

“Promises are made to be broken”

Lets bring a change with motto…

“Success comes to those who have the courage to see the dreams”




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