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Corruption should Die!

June 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Corruption is like a parasite which is eating the foundation of our country. It emerges with power from top, and trickles down to bottom most level making the whole system corrupt. We can see that corruption has eaten up almost every system that prevails in India including education, governance, finance – even NGO’s which were made on purpose to solve problems, but how many of them are capable of solving these?

People of our country do not care as long as the bad claws of the system don’t scratch them and even if it does a few, they do not dare to stand up against the power.

Take an example of a simple system of registration of a rental property agreement, you just can’t get your work done unless you pay a bribe and the time taken is inversely proportional to the value of bribe. So the more you pay, the lesser time will you lose! As people say time is money, people who run our country make the best use of this fact. They accumulate crores just for doing what they are supposed to do. Normal citizens toil 8 hours a day and bring a few thousands in a month while these Government officials work only for few days and get loaded with colorful money.

When I was very young, my sister wanted to take electronics as her specialization in her school. The admission process was based on one examination which she cleared with good score but unfortunately she couldn’t make it. She went to Mom and Mom said she didn’t get because she didn’t deserve it as she did not score the required marks. She was convinced and she promised to work harder in future.

The next day, while she was talking to a student who had got electronics she came to know that he had much less marks than hers. She went back home and cried before Mom. She told her that she was deserving but she couldn’t get what she wanted because of one student. He got admission because his parents helped while my mom couldn’t help her who was her only support after our Dad’s death.

The battle then began. As a dutiful mother, my Mom took all the pains to help her daughter and fought till she got admission in the branch. She had to do various things including complaining to management, waiting for the Principal right in the middle of rain, who when didn’t come, she went to his house and stayed there till she was heard and assured that her problem will be resolved. All of us had lost hope when the classes started and my sister’s roll number didn’t appear in the Electronics Division even after so many efforts but my Mom didn’t quit but went before the School board. At last after her long fight with school Authorities, my sister got the merited seat.

It needs a lot of courage and patience to fight such causes but persistence is the key and I learnt this from Mom.

Corruption cannot stop on its own, we have to stop it. While at one point my Mom struggled  and refused to give money when asked, I went flowing with the tide and paid 100 bucks to the registrar through the agreement copy. While Mom won a combat after a month, my agreement got signed on the same day, but I am not proud of what I did. I have accepted  corruption and most of the people in our country have acknowledged corruption as the way of life.

A recent fight which is going on between Ram Dev Baba and Government of India is yet another example of a courageous fight and we people who are comfortably sitting at our home without any concerns is an example of acceptance of corruption.

He has more power than normal public so he is fighting, utilizing all of it and asking GOI to curb corruption. He has more demands but the fire which broke boils down to his demand to check corruption. Government acted like bats and Delhi police attacked the man’s shivir at night but he was still not deterred because that is what winners do.

This is not a fight like my mom did but a much bigger in which even his life can become filthy but he is still standing on his toe with full commitment to his belief.

He has asked to put death penalty for those who are found corrupt which is the only way that can work in our country because even if these Government Honchos are not scared of getting caught, we, the normal citizens are and once it becomes a crime then we would not accept it so easily but will learn to fight our own battles.

They take money because we give them. If we stop giving, they will have no say. Those who are corrupt should not live in this country because one bad fish can make the whole pond dirty so if you forgive one culprit, the corruption will spread like a wildfire and will engulf whole country.

Killers take one life and they get hanged by law then why not these corrupts who take many lives? They deserve to be hanged till death and the corruption shall die with them



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