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A for “Apil”, M for “Mego”

May 11, 2011 1 comment

I recently saw a video on facebook about a primary school of India ( exposing the level of education in a government school at Samastipur, a district in Bihar.

A teacher giving lecture on English to primary school students didn’t know basics:

  1. She had her own spellings, apple (Apil), Monday (Mande)
  2. She was not aware of who our Prime Minister is!
  3. She did not know how many days are there in a year!

It was not only her but other faculties as well who were even greater, while one teacher said “patna” is the capital of India another was found sleeping in the class.

Now you can imagine the level of education given by Government schools

The maximum numbers of schools in India are run by the government, most of them affiliated to respective state education boards. There are about 3,000 Catholic schools, over 900 Kendriya Vidyalayas, 423 Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas and over 550 DAV schools. Around 5,000 schools are affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and over 1,000 are affiliated to the Council of Indian School Certificate Examination (ICSE). There are more than 70,000 schools in Bihar with over a crore enrollments.

Recently there was a 24% hike in allocation for education with Rs. 21000 Crore for Sarve Siksha Abhiyan. Do they really need this huge amount for running such a school where teachers know nothing? With an annual expenditure of more than Rs. 42000 Crores of budget given to education, if government is not able to teach kids, we can imagine what our future would be!

The case considered is from Bihar, a state which produces more IAS officers than Kerala, state with highest literacy (90%).

In Patna last year, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said 40 lakh illiterate women were made literate under the ‘Mukhyamantri Akshar Anchal Yojana’ by two lakh teachers across the state (2 lakh uneducated teachers). He also announced that the government would provide Rs 250 annually to all students between three and six years going to anganwadi schools and Rs 500 to students from class three to class five for purchase of uniform (what about purchase of books?”.

“Literacy among women increases in Bihar” the headlines said. It is so great to hear but if you read between the lines, they have not mentioned a word about the quality of education. For them literacy means “apil”, “mego”, “sande”,”mande”, “januri”, “febri”

But if you ask them, they will claim of establishment of an organization called “Bihar Education Project Council” which proudly says “We manage a full-fledged Project Management Information System to monitor the implementation of various programmes being run in the State of Bihar” Launched in 1991 with the purpose of bringing about quantitative and qualitative improvement in the Elementary Education system in Bihar. The goals of the BEP quintessentially is “to bring about a driving force in the State of Bihar through educational reconstruction as a change in the educational situation will then bring improvement in all spheres, and the atmosphere of despair, cynicism, and violence will give way to a firm determination to deal with the environment, social, cultural and gender issues“. Heavy words give blow only to future!

Another claim says Bihar Government spends 7-800 per month on each student; the only problem is Bihar elementary education system is flawed by politicians. It is been decades since our politicians are eating our system and creating a hole in the heart of our country but no one has the guts or the authority to question them and even if they try, the issue will end as another interesting story.

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9/11 to 26/11

I recently read a news article which said USA thinks that 9/11 cannot be compared with 26/11 of Mumbai. BJP leader Yashwant sinha commented on this “ America is trying to imply that American lives are more important than that of Indians”.

Well, I would ask him “Is Obama president of India?” why would he even bother what happens to Indians when our own rulers are not?

We have heard comments from our own politicians who say “It is not a big deal” and that a few number of deaths from a population so huge is nothing great.

Attack on America was more severe as per the world standards. Why? Because Americans escalated the issue hugely. They believed that the outbreak was a question on their existence. They gave an answer known to everyone without a second thought.

Now think what happened after 26/11? Media hype, public display of dismay, a few comments from politicians, few documents floated around the parliament, public warnings given to Pakistan, promises made to strengthen security, USA asked for intervention and then? We were back to normal as if nothing big happened and forgot everything as a story.

Why did we require USA to take decisions for us? Can’t we behave like a self-proclaimed independent democratic country with authority to make choices? For any action we take whether it is a nuclear deal or prevention of terrorism, we need USA to guide us. Why? Didn’t we get freedom 60 years back? Or have we just transferred our rulings from UK to USA?

After 9/11 USA attacked Afganistan, tortured everyone they felt could be a suspect, increased security in the country but India didn’t even have guts to give guns to policemen.

It is a shame on our country that even after having a history of huge number of attacks since independence and thousands of people killed, we are still waiting to be given verdict for 2008 cases.

May be these attacks were very small for the politicians who live comfortably in their AC bedrooms. It was not just 26/11 but numerous other attacked and some of them claimed even more lives than 26/11. A series of 7 trains bombing during the evening rush hour in Mumbai in 2006 took hundreds of lives. But the much hyped 26/11 attack was the result of the fact that even riches were victimized this time.

Had it been just another attack with hundreds of deaths of normal, not so rich citizens then it would have been just another sad story and Indians would have never even dared to compare it with 9/11.

It is not the USA who is going to feed us but we Indians are supposed to wake up and stand up for our own safety. It is hard time that our Government honchos realize that other people living in this country are also humans like them.

Delay in passing of Lokpal Bill, Jaitapur verdict shows how important are we for our government. Our lives are not important. In fact in India:

Value of life = the amount of money the life owns

Have more money and you will be heard even after death. But terrorists have stopped differentiating us on the basis of income and have started targeting the rich ones as well.

So when a poor and a rich, both are exposed to extreme terror, our Government should take strong actions and not just remain asleep. But I wonder what action will they take, may be you can expect an introduction of “National Safety Tax”.

Here I would also like to mention a link which exposes the 26/11 happenings:

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