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MNP : Is it a Failure?

Now a day’s people have become so busy that their only sources of contact are emails and phone. A mobile through which, one can reach any person instantly, have become a necessity. People recognize you by your number , which is known to atleast a hundred on this earth and when you change your number, you have to inform these hundred people, which is a very tedious task. So people may change their mobile frequently, but they rarely change their number. Operators call it loyalty but more than loyalty, this is a need of the time, which these operators exploit  nicely by giving poor services. But instead of all the problems faced of call dropping, poor network, unjustified billing, people still don’t change their number unless they are badly affected.

When Indians heard of a new service, much advertised called ‘Mobile Number Portability’, they were very excited because that was the perfect solution to all their problems. One could change the operator without a need of changing the number. The service was heavily advertised by all telecom giants asking people to take their service and a huge number of people applied for the changeover.

But things were never so easy. A service, which was promised to solve all problems, created new problems. After you apply for MNP,shell out some hundreds for the same, you really can’t be sure that you will get it done. Some applications got rejected on the grounds of outstandings, Value Added Services etc , and in the meantime their original operator stops there services. After spending a decent sum of amount, and tolerating no service for a week, the end result is big ZERO. They never change the service and ask you to reapply. Well if people had so much time then why do they have to take the same number? They may as well take a new one. Once you apply again, the torture process may be begin again and with this fear in mind, lots of them choose to forget about it and try to stay happy with the current operator.  I have heard at least 6 such cases including me in my nearest localityand the problem even extends to other cities. I know this because I have heard people complaining and their complaints never get answered.

I am not aware what the model that is being used for MNP is, but that is definitely not working. This is a perfect example of applying bad strategies for selling a good product.  As far as I understood the process goes like this

  1. You apply for MNP by paying for the chosen plan and new SIM card
  2. Get your port number and send it to new operator for porting out from existing service provider
  3. The provider asks the previous operator about the outstanding and Value added services
  4. If you have some outstanding or value added service is activated, they will reject your application without informing you the reason.

Well as per my understanding if a person is using a phone, there will definitely be some outstanding, but it can be cleared. May I ask these money takers that, isn’t it their moral duty to tell the person about the reason why they are going to rejected their precious application so that he or she could clear the dues on time and get the new thing done instantly. But maybe that is not included in the procedure.

And best thing is that before checking over dues and rejecting the application they apply for porting out, so if your application is going to be rejected, they will still stop your services for some days till it is clear that you are not getting any change. So in any case whether you get it or not, you will face a “no service” situation for some days.

Formula : Get money, stop their service so that they get a feel that their operator is getting changed, reject their application and restart the original service

What operator gets? Some money for not doing nothing

What applicant gets? Couldn’t really say anything

If there is an option of rejecting a service then why do they need money? Even if they don’t take money and start their services, they couldn’t be at loss because the money they need, can be nicely build into the first bill of their postpaid clients. But that is not the model.  My feeling says the model should be something like this:

  1. Get application  without any money
  2. Check for outstanding and if needed ask the applicant to pay the dues
  3. Apply for port out
  4. Start new service
  5. Bill the amount in their first bill

And for Prepaid, we can modify it a bit and take the payment before starting the service.

If you are not really sure if I am telling the truth, try it yourself.

There is not only the problems mentioned above but also I faced some more issues with the process:

  1. When I went to nearest Vodafone center, they didn’t have any records of mine because the process was not centralized and I really didn’t know who has taken my documents. Well, I know just “Vodafone” how does it matter to me, who is taking papers? And how can such a service which is available with every operator in the country, not be centralized?
  2. When I went to both Airtel and Vodafone, they treated me like I was some kind of a joker, a stupid fellow with whom they were not interested in talking. First you face problems with the service, more problems when you are opting out of it and then face their bad attitude. Of course, why will they not behave like this, one service, we are not planning to continue with and other operator, knows that they are not giving you?
  3. 3. It’s been over a week, even after rejection of my service request and clearing all the dues, I still can’t make any calls. My services have been started again, I am getting calls from people but the only difference after all the efforts I have taken for improving the service is : the service went from bad to worse

These problems were faced by me, not sure about others but one can easily find out by asking them. With these kinds of issues, I doubt if this can sustain in market. For me, it is a failure and for you, make decision yourself. People are really not interested to waste their money for nothing, even if it is like only 500 bucks. I wonder whether this service will continue or let me make a guess! Whenever there is a problem in system, some agents who understand the process well come up and get the thing done by taking commission from you. May be we can soon expect some people labeled “MNP Agents” saying “change your operator without changing your number”.

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