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A fight between heart and mind

I have heard people say “To err is human and to forgive is Devine” but we are humans, so we are not Devine. Does that mean we should never forgive anyone? Of course you should, if you want to move towards divinity. But forgiveness not always helps because sometimes your forgiveness is taken as your weakness in the society. Then what should we choose out of two? This is a question which has no particular answer but yes, you have to choose one because you cannot choose both. And you cannot even guarantee that your choice is right if you choose either of them. There is a very thin line which is rarely visible and this line gives us the guidance for making right decision. There is no doubt that humans make mistakes. But when do we call it a mistake? When it not done intentionally. But what if it is done intentionally? Can we categorize it under mistake?

But how do we know that the person has been hurting you intentionally or by mistake? Will he ever agree that he is intentional even if he is? When we are confused and we do not have enough intelligence to recognize the truth, we depend on our gut feeling and assume it right whatever heart says. But can you always trust your heart? I think it is better to trust your mind sometimes than your heart because mind is strong and heart is weak. Humans have faced many problems in life because they trusted heart and the feeling overcomes what mind tries to say. There are basically 3 types of people depending on the principle they trust. First, the person who always listens to one’s heart. This is a very risky situation as many people can easily hurt their sentiments. I heard one dialog in a Hindi movie called “3 idiots” which says “ Our heart is very weak , you should try to make it fool and always tell it that everything is fine, no matter how big the problem is”. It is so true, a heart is so vulnerable and easily cheated. Second, the person who always trusts one’s mind. This situation may be called ideal but it may make them hurtful to others specially those who think from heart. Also we cannot trust the mind fully because it is so strong that once we totally depend on it, we may lose control over our mind and instead of we trying to use it for our benefit, the mind will start using us. Third, the person who tries to keep a balance between the two and he or she knows when to trust whom. He may not be perfect in his decision but yes he will be less prone to mistakes and disasters in his life.

The best is to have control over both so that we can make balanced decisions in our life. At every stage of life, everyone has to take some or other decision. The decision may be big or small, related to you or not, personal or professional but one thing which is common is the fight between your heart and your mind. But who wins always? It is not always but most of the time heart wins. I called heart weak and mind very strong yet why always heart wins? This is a question which has been bothering us always but we could never truly understand why it happens. The only explanation to this which we can give is “The heart is Devine” and divinity is powerful which is always supported by God and that is the reason why love always wins over hatred. When a person feels weak, it is the heart which is hurt and this hurt makes him or her weak and this is the time when we remember God, when we are weak and God gives us the power to bear the pain of heart.

When we think from mind, we rarely remember God, but we trust our own mind power which is substantial and makes us forget everything and everyone else. God has made mind and made it so powerful that you can do anything using it. Then why do we hear that the maximum percentage of mind used on earth was only 8-10%. Just imagine if this 8-10% can make them so strong then what if a person could use 100% of his or her mind? What would he do if he is given that power? Will he not become stronger than everyone else, stronger than this earth itself. If we have such power and we use it for good then the earth will turn into heaven but just imagine if a person will have such infinite power and he misuses it? The God has been generous enough to keep the restrictions on us so that we cannot bring such disasters to its creation and that is why he has not given us the ability to use 100% of our mind. We often compliant but God has always been generous and justified all his actions. If he has given us the problems, it is to learn from them. If he has given us bad times, it is to understand the importance of happiness. If he has given us a weak heart , he has also given us a very strong mind. God has always been good to us but we still complain and we do not understand why.

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