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A corrupted Golden Bird

The corruption is a word which is very common in India because it is present everywhere and in every area, especially when we talk about our government. if I ask you to name a person in the system who doesn’t have a criminal record ? whom will you name ? It is very difficult. Corruption cannot be eliminated totally but it can be curbed. But instead of doing that our government support corruption.
We see so many day to day examples in our lives.
1. When a person goes to register a flat, there is a fresh green note which is accompanying it so that they do our work. Why? Because if we don’t then we have to wait for days to get our work done. We give because we don’t have choice to fight as there is nobody to listen.
2. When we don’t go to cast our vote, it doesn’t mean that our vote is not put. There is a possibility that some other person is using our right so that these corrupts can enter the league of rulers easily
3. We are afraid of police and usually go for a personal settlement in case of any problem because we know that going to police means an added problem. Where in countries like USA a police man is a representative of security for people , in our country they are the best representation of corruption

We all know how this evil has penetrated our Defense system also. There are many other examples and they are unlimited. There are so many scandals’ like whitewater scandal, fodder scam, oil-for-food programme scandal which added stars to our position in corruption that now we are ranked 84th in the corruption index., And there are some heroes who were given a special privilege. They are the famous criminals entering the politics, like Shibu Soren, raghuraj Pratap Singh, Pappu Kalani to name a few.
And what is Government doing about this? Of course the standard answer is always the same. We are making policies. Wow, great effort. At least they are doing something on paper .
We hear news daily and at one of the heading is an example of the corruption India.
Just recently I heard a news about a 42-year old widow who lost her job after she resisted the sexual advances made by the aged father of her employer. It is so easy for them to take advantage of the needy people. We already have problems in our lives. There are people who could not even manage to eat well and these morons cannot even leave them alone but take the advantage. The richer the person is , the lesser the chances of becoming a victim and if you don’t have money , you can be an obvious victim.

Our government is not equipped to solve the problems of country because the foundation itself is weak. We have policemen who harass the people coming to them for help but when they come across terrorists , they don’t have the capability to fight with them. We have recently seen our policemen fighting with latthi’s with terrorists. What a development!
No matter how badly we suffer, how many people die in such events, these politicians will keep on enjoying their sleeps because they are the man-eaters who decorate their homes with our blood.
Can anyone do anything about it. We have been writing and discussing but will anything ever happen which can make a positive impact ? What can we do as citizens? Most of us can’t do anything but be ready to suffer and unfortunately people have accepted to let themselves being exploited by these corrupts.
India was known as a Golden Bird once upon a time. But I think we need to change the definition now and instead call it “a corrupted Golden Bird”

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