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Keep Paying!

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Government is talking about formulating mandatory laws for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). The idea is to impose a law n Corporates under which they will have to spend 2% of their average income of three years as a part of CSR.

I think it is just another way to fled away from the responsibilities. Don’t you think helping lower income society for development is the work of Government?Don’t you think helping lower income society for development is the work of Government? Don’t they carry responsibility of improving our infrastructure? What are they elected for?

Companies are already doing a lot of social work, with big giants like ITC, TCS, Infosys,L&T taking intiatives, but what about Government? 

GOI has given licences to more than 16000 NGO’s in the country for this work but do you think if all these NGO worked sincerely, our country would still have remained like this?

Just look around you. The roads you walk on, are nothing more than a bunch or flattened rocks, the buses you travel in, carries at least 3 times the people it is made for, unemployment is still a major concern in our Country, beggars on the roads are still uncountable.

We still need to bribe Government Officials to get our work done. Try registrering a flat for instance, you have to insert at least a 100 rupee note between the papers of Deed to get it approved and if you don’t keep waiting for days and nothing will move even if your papers are very clear. People simply don’t have that much time today so they end up molding themselves according to systems.

I came accross a recent case which happened with my own relative, who tried more than 4 months to get a land in her name but after so much hard-work she came to know that to get her own Brother-in-laws poperty in her name, she has to take approval from a Government Official. That land was not in dispute and papers were clear bu the official at Kanpur asked for Rs. 60,000/- just to sign the papers. Well it was obvious that the money was going into his pocket. The lady refused to pay the amount and left the land for some richer fellow who had the money bribe a few and get the land which he has no relation with.

Just imagine how many land properties are their in every city of India and how many people require to do the paper work for that. If the man took Rs. 60,000/- from every family, he must have been a billionaire by now. But on paper he will be the most innocent and poor person of the country.

Government already gives so many perks and incentives to their officials and above that the use their authority to squeeze the common man.

Lets take tax as one more case as a way of Government to take money from common man. Can you name how many taxes are levied on us by different ways?
Income tax, Service tax, Excise Duty, Customs Duty,Professional Tax… and to make the system look more beautiful, they added something called cess. So pay cess also and they will say it is not a tax. Wow!

The CSR issue tells a story of another try after already squeezing common man, which aims towards corporates. Well, India Inc is definitely against it but we never know what Government will do.

These corporates still have the authority and power to object but what about a common man? What do we have? Can we really speak out when we don’t want what Government is doing? or even if we do does Government listen? or may be we elect them just to collect money.

The tradition of taxation started a long ago with an intention to help poor. The idea was to take the money from rich and distribute among poor. But today you can see how the system has modified itself.

While riches pay above 20 Crs in taxes they are still left with more than 70 but when a common man pays one-third of his salary, the amount remained is just a few thousand, half of which gets used up in household, and some more in conveyance. The amount left is enough for his sustenance but he can never become rich.

GOI kept a limit of 1.8L for tax exemption but do you believe the person earning this amount will be left with any saving today after all the expenses are met? Do they consider them for other taxes as well? Don’t they still pay a half of their salary as taxes while buying things, eating out and travelling?

More than 60 years of independence but who is actually independent?  Government. Common man is still not free. I won’t say nothing has changed because a lot has but 60 years! Wasn’t that enough time for a country like us to become developed? We have minds and resources but when it comes to success, there are road blocks everywhere.  We cross every block for success but what to do with this boulder called “GOI”

We study that Government works for us. Sure it does. But at what cost? It takes much more than what it gives. So the formula is, if you want to live peacefully , “KEEP PAYING“.


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MNP : Is it a Failure?

March 17, 2011 Leave a comment

Now a day’s people have become so busy that their only sources of contact are emails and phone. A mobile through which, one can reach any person instantly, have become a necessity. People recognize you by your number , which is known to atleast a hundred on this earth and when you change your number, you have to inform these hundred people, which is a very tedious task. So people may change their mobile frequently, but they rarely change their number. Operators call it loyalty but more than loyalty, this is a need of the time, which these operators exploit  nicely by giving poor services. But instead of all the problems faced of call dropping, poor network, unjustified billing, people still don’t change their number unless they are badly affected.

When Indians heard of a new service, much advertised called ‘Mobile Number Portability’, they were very excited because that was the perfect solution to all their problems. One could change the operator without a need of changing the number. The service was heavily advertised by all telecom giants asking people to take their service and a huge number of people applied for the changeover.

But things were never so easy. A service, which was promised to solve all problems, created new problems. After you apply for MNP,shell out some hundreds for the same, you really can’t be sure that you will get it done. Some applications got rejected on the grounds of outstandings, Value Added Services etc , and in the meantime their original operator stops there services. After spending a decent sum of amount, and tolerating no service for a week, the end result is big ZERO. They never change the service and ask you to reapply. Well if people had so much time then why do they have to take the same number? They may as well take a new one. Once you apply again, the torture process may be begin again and with this fear in mind, lots of them choose to forget about it and try to stay happy with the current operator.  I have heard at least 6 such cases including me in my nearest localityand the problem even extends to other cities. I know this because I have heard people complaining and their complaints never get answered.

I am not aware what the model that is being used for MNP is, but that is definitely not working. This is a perfect example of applying bad strategies for selling a good product.  As far as I understood the process goes like this

  1. You apply for MNP by paying for the chosen plan and new SIM card
  2. Get your port number and send it to new operator for porting out from existing service provider
  3. The provider asks the previous operator about the outstanding and Value added services
  4. If you have some outstanding or value added service is activated, they will reject your application without informing you the reason.

Well as per my understanding if a person is using a phone, there will definitely be some outstanding, but it can be cleared. May I ask these money takers that, isn’t it their moral duty to tell the person about the reason why they are going to rejected their precious application so that he or she could clear the dues on time and get the new thing done instantly. But maybe that is not included in the procedure.

And best thing is that before checking over dues and rejecting the application they apply for porting out, so if your application is going to be rejected, they will still stop your services for some days till it is clear that you are not getting any change. So in any case whether you get it or not, you will face a “no service” situation for some days.

Formula : Get money, stop their service so that they get a feel that their operator is getting changed, reject their application and restart the original service

What operator gets? Some money for not doing nothing

What applicant gets? Couldn’t really say anything

If there is an option of rejecting a service then why do they need money? Even if they don’t take money and start their services, they couldn’t be at loss because the money they need, can be nicely build into the first bill of their postpaid clients. But that is not the model.  My feeling says the model should be something like this:

  1. Get application  without any money
  2. Check for outstanding and if needed ask the applicant to pay the dues
  3. Apply for port out
  4. Start new service
  5. Bill the amount in their first bill

And for Prepaid, we can modify it a bit and take the payment before starting the service.

If you are not really sure if I am telling the truth, try it yourself.

There is not only the problems mentioned above but also I faced some more issues with the process:

  1. When I went to nearest Vodafone center, they didn’t have any records of mine because the process was not centralized and I really didn’t know who has taken my documents. Well, I know just “Vodafone” how does it matter to me, who is taking papers? And how can such a service which is available with every operator in the country, not be centralized?
  2. When I went to both Airtel and Vodafone, they treated me like I was some kind of a joker, a stupid fellow with whom they were not interested in talking. First you face problems with the service, more problems when you are opting out of it and then face their bad attitude. Of course, why will they not behave like this, one service, we are not planning to continue with and other operator, knows that they are not giving you?
  3. 3. It’s been over a week, even after rejection of my service request and clearing all the dues, I still can’t make any calls. My services have been started again, I am getting calls from people but the only difference after all the efforts I have taken for improving the service is : the service went from bad to worse

These problems were faced by me, not sure about others but one can easily find out by asking them. With these kinds of issues, I doubt if this can sustain in market. For me, it is a failure and for you, make decision yourself. People are really not interested to waste their money for nothing, even if it is like only 500 bucks. I wonder whether this service will continue or let me make a guess! Whenever there is a problem in system, some agents who understand the process well come up and get the thing done by taking commission from you. May be we can soon expect some people labeled “MNP Agents” saying “change your operator without changing your number”.

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God’s Love Visualization

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Imagine yourself standing on the top of a large building, a place from where you can see the whole world which looks so small, just like some game you played in childhood. You climb on top of the building’s wall. Look towards the sky. You are on top but the sky still looks bigger, much bigger than you, much bigger than this world itself.

You close your eyes. You want some freshness; you want some peace, the peace of night, the peace of moonlight. When you open your eyes, you can see the sky again but this time it is dark, darker than you have ever seen it in your life. The blackness of sky makes every star visible to you.

You are asking for God’s love. You want to see God’s heart beating for you. You see the stars, more closely, observe them. They are growing. Lift up your hand and make a shape of heart on the sky, the stars turned brighter, so bright that now you can see a beating heart in the sky.

This is the Love of God, his grace. His wonderful gift of love is bestowed upon you. Close your eyes again and this time you ask for light, light from inside. God resides inside every human and you ask him for the power to see him. When you open your eyes, feel the glow, it is coming from your own body. Your whole body is glowing like a moon; this is the light of God who is present inside us.

You can now feel the power, the God inside your heart. Your heart becomes lighter and lighter and lighter. It becomes soft and cool. You can feel the coolness in your heart. It glows with moonshine and a fresh air touches it softly.

You close your eyes again, this time asking for a ray of hope in the darkness from God. Now you see a flame glowing slowly, a small flame. You ask more power, more light; more life from God and the flame grows and grows until you feel the heat of it inside your body. It keeps you warm and gives you comfort. Your heart is lighter, your body is warmer and you are filled with the light of God.

Enjoy the freshness, the light, the power, the Love of God inside you. Feel it and love it. Believe it and thank him for showing himself to you inside your own heart. Open your hands in the air and then open your eyes slowly. Now you can see a whole new world in front of you, world full of love, laughter and peace


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The Power Visualization

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You are walking on an empty road. You are alone and no one is there to watch you except the stars in the sky. You see huge trees on both the sides of road; they are so huge that you find yourself like a tiny speckle in front of them. You are standing in front of the tree; observe its magnanimity and the perfect blend of the shape of its leaves with the vast sky and the stars twinkling over them, as if feelings from the borders of the big leave.

The stem of the tree is big so big that you can run on it like on a race track. You want to go up and want to feel the sky, feel the moon, and feel the stars. You climb it; you have climbed one step, one more step and one more step. The more you climb, you feel your weight is becoming lighter, and your heart is filled with the love for nature, love for yourself, love for the world and love for the God. The more you climb your curiosity increases and now you want to feel the sky more desperately.

You are so full of energy that you can keep on climbing on the tree forever and ever and ever. You go close to sky, closer and closer. You have reached the horizon and now you find yourself sitting on a big leaf. The leaf is fresh green and smell of a new life, smell of energy, and smell of love. You close your eyes and smell the scent of the freshness of the leaf and feel the air blowing smoothly touching your body.

Now you open your eyes and see the sky coming down on you, the stars coming closer, becoming brighter until the whole world becomes bright with the twinkling stars. You extend your hand towards the sky, you touch the star. It is huge, much bigger than you. Now you want to climb the star. You touch it with your hand; it feels like a grain, a mosaic, which is smooth and shiny. You touch it and the shine comes on your hand. The glow from the star comes to you glowing your body.

You feel lighter, lighter than the sky itself and your body starts floating on the air. You find yourself sitting over the big star. Feel the texture of the star. The star is now moving, moving away from the leaf, talking you to the sky. It is moving slowly making your heart lighter and you feel the peace inside your soul. Now you have reached the sky, you touch the sky. You feel it. It is smooth, very soft. It attracts you and you go inside the sky. You go deeper and deeper inside the sky until you become the sky.

Now you can see the whole world shining below you. This world is full of light and happiness. Observe the beauty of the world, feel the vastness of the sky inside you. Now you are giving light to the world, a light of love and care. You are strong, very strong, and stronger than you have ever been before. You are top of the world, you are the sky, you cover the world, you give it light, you give it love, and you care for it.

Now close your eyes and feel everything on the earth with your heart, feel the sky inside your heart, feel yourself glowing with freshness. Feel the beauty inside you for some time. Spend some more time. Now you open your eyes and you will see a person who is much stronger inside you. You have become more powerful. Feel the power, love it. This power has been given to you by God himself. It is yours and you are happy now


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Some Management Fundas

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The Boston Matrix

The Boston Consulting Group’s Product Portfolio Matrix

Like Ansoff’s matrix, the Boston Matrix is a well known tool for the marketing manager. It was developed by the large US consulting group and is an approach to product portfolio planning. It has two controlling aspect namely relative market share (meaning relative to your competition) and market growth.

You would look at each individual product in your range (or portfolio) and place it onto the matrix. You would do this for every product in the range. You can then plot the products of your rivals to give relative market share.



This is simplistic in many ways and the matrix has some understandable limitations that will be considered later. Each cell has its own name as follows.


These are products with a low share of a low growth market. These are the canine version of ‘real turkeys!’. They do not generate cash for the company, they tend to absorb it. Get rid of these products.

Cash Cows

These are products with a high share of a slow growth market. Cash Cows generate more more than is invested in them. So keep them in your portfolio of products for the time being.

Problem Children

These are products with a low share of a high growth market. They consume resources and generate little in return. They absorb most money as you attempt to increase market share.


These are products that are in high growth markets with a relatively high share of that market. Stars tend to generate high amounts of income. Keep and build your stars.

Look for some kind of balance within your portfolio. Try not to have any Dogs. Cash Cows, Problem Children and Stars need to be kept in a kind of equilibrium. The funds generated by your Cash Cows is used to turn problem children into Stars, which may eventually become Cash Cows. Some of the Problem Children will become Dogs, and this means that you will need a larger contribution from the successful products to compensate for the failures


PDCA Cycle

A Problem Solving Process


Step 1:

Identify The Problem

·         Select the problem to be analyzed

·         Clearly define the problem and establish a precise problem statement

·         Set a measurable goal for the problem solving effort

·         Establish a process for coordinating with and gaining approval of leadership


Step 2:

Analyze The Problem

·         Identify the processes that impact the problem and select one

·         List the steps in the process as it currently exists

·         Map the Process

·         Validate the map of the process

·         Identify potential cause of the problem

·         Collect and analyze data related to the problem

·         Verify or revise the original problem statement

·         Identify root causes of the problem

·         Collect additional data if needed to verify root causes



Step 3:


·         Establish criteria for selecting a solution

·         Generate potential solutions that will address the root causes of the problem

·         Select a solution

·         Gain approval and supporter the chosen solution

·         Plan the solution


Step 4:

Implement a Solution

·         Implement the chosen solution on a trial or pilot basis

·         If the Problem Solving Process is being used in conjunction with the Continuous Improvement Process, return to Step 6 of the Continuous Improvement Process

·         If the Problem Solving Process is being used as a standalone, continue to Step 5



Step 5:

Evaluate The Results

·         Gather data on the solution

·         Analyze the data on the solution


Achieved the Desired Goal?

If YES, go to Step 6.

If NO, go back to Step 1.



Step 6:

Standardize The Solution (and Capitalize on New Opportunities)

·         Identify systemic changes and training needs for full implementation

·         Adopt the solution

·         Plan ongoing monitoring of the solution

·         Continue to look for incremental improvements to refine the solution

·         Look for another improvement opportunity





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A corrupted Golden Bird

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The corruption is a word which is very common in India because it is present everywhere and in every area, especially when we talk about our government. if I ask you to name a person in the system who doesn’t have a criminal record ? whom will you name ? It is very difficult. Corruption cannot be eliminated totally but it can be curbed. But instead of doing that our government support corruption.
We see so many day to day examples in our lives.
1. When a person goes to register a flat, there is a fresh green note which is accompanying it so that they do our work. Why? Because if we don’t then we have to wait for days to get our work done. We give because we don’t have choice to fight as there is nobody to listen.
2. When we don’t go to cast our vote, it doesn’t mean that our vote is not put. There is a possibility that some other person is using our right so that these corrupts can enter the league of rulers easily
3. We are afraid of police and usually go for a personal settlement in case of any problem because we know that going to police means an added problem. Where in countries like USA a police man is a representative of security for people , in our country they are the best representation of corruption

We all know how this evil has penetrated our Defense system also. There are many other examples and they are unlimited. There are so many scandals’ like whitewater scandal, fodder scam, oil-for-food programme scandal which added stars to our position in corruption that now we are ranked 84th in the corruption index., And there are some heroes who were given a special privilege. They are the famous criminals entering the politics, like Shibu Soren, raghuraj Pratap Singh, Pappu Kalani to name a few.
And what is Government doing about this? Of course the standard answer is always the same. We are making policies. Wow, great effort. At least they are doing something on paper .
We hear news daily and at one of the heading is an example of the corruption India.
Just recently I heard a news about a 42-year old widow who lost her job after she resisted the sexual advances made by the aged father of her employer. It is so easy for them to take advantage of the needy people. We already have problems in our lives. There are people who could not even manage to eat well and these morons cannot even leave them alone but take the advantage. The richer the person is , the lesser the chances of becoming a victim and if you don’t have money , you can be an obvious victim.

Our government is not equipped to solve the problems of country because the foundation itself is weak. We have policemen who harass the people coming to them for help but when they come across terrorists , they don’t have the capability to fight with them. We have recently seen our policemen fighting with latthi’s with terrorists. What a development!
No matter how badly we suffer, how many people die in such events, these politicians will keep on enjoying their sleeps because they are the man-eaters who decorate their homes with our blood.
Can anyone do anything about it. We have been writing and discussing but will anything ever happen which can make a positive impact ? What can we do as citizens? Most of us can’t do anything but be ready to suffer and unfortunately people have accepted to let themselves being exploited by these corrupts.
India was known as a Golden Bird once upon a time. But I think we need to change the definition now and instead call it “a corrupted Golden Bird”

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Mumbai, more than just a crowd

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When one thinks about Mumbai, first thing that comes to mind is the crowd and then the Mumbai local which spans across the 438 sq km city. But this city made of 7 Islands, sitting on the tip of Ullhasriver, has many more facets which are understood only by Mumbaikars. It has everything for everyone whether it is a crowd of lively youngsters, a group of professionals & bureaucrats, serious bookworms, the creative class or the religious ones.

Where at one corner of the city you can find the costliest and most sophisticated brands in south Mumbai for the upper crust of the population, just a few kms away, you will find a huge market which takes care of the price conscious housewives. It covers a huge area with 3 major markets – Crawford Market, Jhaveri Bazar and Manish Market.

The specialty of this market is the huge difference in the prices as compared to other posh places. But it is not just the price which separates them from other markets, once you enter the zone, the fresh colors, huge varieties, and the charm of sellers compelling you to buy products from them will also attract you.

The Crawford market is the biggest market of Mumbai which was built by a British architect and the design is a blend of Norman and Gothic styles. The entrance of the market is full of colorful home use items at very attractive rates and once you start going inside, various shopkeepers will sell you the cheap imported stuffs. While at one corner sits the pets waiting to be brought, the other side of the market is full of fresh fruits with almost all the varieties.

From the regular buyers, now we move to young generation which is not bothered about the snowballing prices or the swelling crowd. They just want to enjoy their life. For them, the city offers a variety of gaming arenas, food joints from various brands and huge Multiplexes. A city full of malls at all major locations, offers them a place to sit, chat and relish the spirit of Mumbai.

Not just the malls but the city also sponsors various concerts from International Pop singers like Michael Jackson, Bryan Adams – celebrated by a huge crowd of youngsters gathered at places like MMRDA, St Andrews Auditorium etc.

This city not only gives charm to youngsters, but also offers huge opportunities to those who are trying to or have climbed their career ladder. There are various business events organized in Mumbai almost daily. With Bombay Exhibition Center accommodating most of the big events, other exhibition centers like Nehru Exhibition Center, MMRDA Exhibition center, World Trade Center, also cover a large variety of business expos.

Enter anytime into these areas, they will welcome you as a visitor without a penny going out of your pocket and see the latest developments happening all over the world , in your own city.

The latest developments in technology have been a key to the togetherness of people of Mumbai, who stay at a huge distance from each other. While on one side, youngsters are most active web surfers and social networkers, the serious generation also makes full use of the World Wide Web.

No wonder an unlimited number of communities exists on the web making people sharing same interests come together. One example of such community is seen on a website called , which offers you to not only make or join groups to share views and discuss issues but also has special features to make the members decide on a place for actual meeting, with common consensus so that they can meet and share ideas.

There is a huge group of people whose interest is to start up on their own. These entrepreneurs can also come together, meet and promote themselves through various organizations like TIE, Head Start, Siliconindia – which encourages these self-made men and women to reach a new height. They not only offer them a meeting ground but also act as a mentoring organization where the experienced guides the enthusiasts.

Theseself-starters can also present themselves before a huge number of business minded people who listen to them and judge them. The panels give them awards for the hard work that they have put in to develop their organization and also for their creativity.

This city encourages creativity and the proof of that is a huge event called Kala Ghoda Festival, which happens once in every year in South Mumbai, usually in the end of the month Jan or beginning of Feb, conducted for around 9days. In this event also, there is no entry fee and costs are met through corporate sponsorships. There are various venues in the city like Jahangir Art Gallery, National Gallery of Modern Art, Max Muller Bhavan etc. which become active and offers various features for the Fest like visual art, dance, literature, lectures, seminars & workshops, heritage walks, special events for children and some vibrant street festivals giving glimpse of the Indian Culture.

Not only does Mumbai celebrate the Music, art and business but also a lot is there in the kit for the religious people. All the Indian festivals are celebrated here and in a big way. One such festival is Ganesh Chaturthi which is celebrated for the day Lord Ganesha was bornand it is believed that he bestows his presence on earth for all his devotees during this festive season.

An organization called ‘Lal Bag Cha Raja Sarvajanik Ganesh UtsavMandal’ celebrates this festival in full spirits and attracts a large population. The Mandal was founded in 1934, an era when the freedom struggle was at its peak, on suggestion from LokmanyaTilak who believed in the idea of starting a Sarvajanik Ganesh Utsav for the wakening of people for freedom struggle against British Rule.

The celebration starts with the biggest idol of Lord Ganesha made which blesses us in the whole season and visited by lakhs of people, making a huge queue for MukhDarshan, starting from ChattrapatiShivaji ground, taking a route passing through BA Road, Dattaram Lad Marg, TBKadamMarg to Byculla Station. The route is not the traditional one and is modified every year. When the festive season is coming to its end, a ritual called Visarjan is carried out, in which people from all over Mumbai come to immerse the statue of God into water. It is believed that God leaves the placeand they pray to him asking God to come back next year. The visarjan ceremony represents the concept of Samasara, or the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. Once the presiding deity departs from the murti, its physical manifestation is then returned to nature (water – one of 5 elements of nature), only to be reanimated the following year. The statue of Lalbaug covers a traditional route starting from Lalbaug to GirgaunChoupatty covering several places including Sane GurujiMarg, Byculla, Nagpada, Don Taki, Kumbharwada, CP Tank and Opera House.

Other than these rituals, there are places in Mumbai, rarely known, which gives you another way to meet God. There is one place called Shahad near Panvel where the holy spirit of God is celebrated through the sages who give ‘pravachan’, while lot of people come here to listen and refresh their soul. The ‘pravachan’ is carried out in different languages on different days of the week. One, who truly believes in God and prays with full devotion, can feel the presence of God here. It is believed that the spirit of God touches their soul and takes away all their pains.

If not yourself, but you want to give relief to your dear ones who are in trouble but cannot visit the place, there is another organization which gives you a solution in a holy manner. When thousands of people join hands and pray for your dear ones, even God cannot deny his benediction and solves all your problems.

There is another group of people in Mumbai would not want to go to a place so far, nor they like the boisterous celebrations with lots of people around them. For them, a small corner of a room where they can sit silently and just read something, is the best way of self-enlightenment. Mumbai gives them a place called Asiatic Library , also known as Town Hall, which has a huge variety of books on different subjects which are available free of cost to everyone  and one can use this library, biggest in Mumbai, on 5 days of the week.

If I have missed someone, I would like to mention about those people who are away from all this and instead of the city itself, they would like to enjoy the whole world. I am talking about the tourists, from all over India who would not only like to visit India but also aspires to enjoy the beauty of the world outside. For them Mumbai connects the country to all major cities of the world through an International Airport which is busy 24hrs in taking care of people coming or going out of India.

Not only through air, but Mumbai also connects to other places via Arabian Sea where gargantuan ships takes you to an unforgettable journey. There are small colorful ferries open for public to enjoy the fresh breeze blowing over the sea, sitting in the middle of the sea. These small ferries take you to nearby places like Alibaug, Elephanta Caves and Kashid.

Well, if you prefer to take a joyful journey via road, there are various spots in and around Mumbai where one can go and enjoy adventure sports like rock climbing, water rafting, bungee jumping, trekking etc. People, who do not even know each other, get together to enjoy the walk of nature organized by various clubs. These clubs offer you a chance to tone your body through jumping on rocks or walking on treks with full guidance and safety given by experts. Some of the places which makes this possible are Borivali National Park, Goregaon and Panvel, while other places near Mumbai which offer you all kinds of adventures are Vikramgarh, Karla Mountains, Shivneri – Hudsor Fort, Bhandardara and Ratnagiri.

With Mumbai sprinkling all kinds of colors onits citizens, it makes a very interesting place to live for more than 22 million people already living here and attracts more and more of them every year.

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